2012 According to Mr. Phelps

Let’s just jump in here shall we?

Best Titles – Skyfall

Tim already covered this in his review, and I don’t have much more to add apart from SKYFALL is a glorious film. It’s absolutely beautiful and the titles only sell it for how amazing it will be. It’s like an exquisite, beautiful meal made for your eyes.

Best Score- The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The only thing I actually loved about this film was the score. Howard Shore has made yet another epic-as-hell score complete with one of the most chilling songs in recent memory. The Dwarves harmonizing Tolkien’s Misty Mountains is something other worldly. I didn’t really care too much for this film, which we will get to later but the score is still incredible.

Best Scene – Bane’s Introduction


Holy. Hell.

There are few things in the world that makes me giddy in the theater any more, this is one of them. The scale of the scene and depth of danger are very real and present. Bane’s cold and calculated thinking and speech pattern, his brain washed crew, and his willingness to sacrifice any and everyone for his own plan is surreal. So much is explained about Bane and what he is capable of in these four minutes that it is utterly mind blowing.

Best Character – Dr. King Schultz

Dammit,I love Quentin Tarantino. He has this insane ability to create deep and dark bad ass characters that I instantly connect with emotionally. Christoph Waltz was mind-blowing in BASTERDS but his turn in DJANGO UNCHAINED as German bounty Hunter King Schultz will guarantee him another nomination, if not win. He’s lovable  brilliant, charming, and totally owns every scene he’s in. His heart, while that of a killer, beats red blood for the innocent and it is shown in such a magnificent event that I don’t dare spoil it. I could honestly have watched a film about King for 10 hours straight and still not be satisfied.


Best Movie – Les Miserables

I was sold on SKYFALL for the win, but last week we went and watched Tom Hooper’s adaptation of the most epic of all epics, LES MISERABLES. This film is amazing. The set, the music, the camera work, the actors. Everyone is perfect (even you, Russell Crowe). Maybe it’s the musical fan in me, but I couldn’t believe how totally enthralled I found myself. I was prepared to watch this film and think it was ok, but it turned out to be the greatest thing I’ve seen in the past 12 months. It’s a sweeping, grand, beautiful feature, and you should watch it and your earliest convience.











Biggest Disappointment – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I really wanted to love this film, I really did. And while it wasn’t a terrible film, as I loved the characters (Martin Freeman IS Bilbo Baggins) it was a complete mess of a movie. It was a jumbled CG disaster that barely kept coherently together. I don’t have problems with the canon or the insertion of new characters, but I do think that it should have just been THE HOBBIT. How hard is that? Stop trying to milk Tolkien for every last penny! Make a two part film about THE HOBBIT and then use that third movie for something new altogether. A wreck of a start to a series that I hope takes off.

And that’s that.

Looking Forward to the Most in 2013 –
Shane Black’s turn in Iron Man 3

When I was first getting into movies, I read a piece on how screenwriters use prose in their work. Shane Black was a master. Then I saw KISS, KISS, BANG, BANG and he became one of my favorite people in Hollywood. I can’t wait to see where he takes Tony Stark in IRON MAN 3, but my guess is that it will be a dark, crazy, wild ride.

So that’s it for me. Short and sweet.

2012 was an amazing year for film, here’s to 2013.

– Phelps

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