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The Batmobile is as much as an important character as Batman himself. Get it right and you have another lead in your movie that viewers can’t wait to see. Get it wrong and you have a dead weight bringing the whole film down (for example the disgusting toy advert in Batman & Robin). For Batman, Anton Furst (designer) got it absolutely right. The 89 Batmobile is a thing of elegant beauty and has never been bettered. Half jet engine, half hearse, it has become an iconic symbol of the Burton Batman films. Furst wanted the car to be unlike any previous incarnation, a combination of brute force and classic design aesthetics. To build the car, the production team spliced together two Impala chassis, powered by a Chevy V8 engine. The body was a custom-built fabrication, and the whole thing rides on a set of Mickey Thompson racing tires on custom wheels.

In his design, Furst managed to capture the essence of a Batmobile while providing all-new design elements. The nose featured a large jet turbine intake flanked by sweeping, mandible-like front fenders. Cold air intakes for the afterburner were mounted ahead of the rear fenders. The rear of the car had a rounded, heavy look that was influenced by cars of the 1930s, set between a pair of relatively short sculpted fins. Inside, the two-seat cockpit featured aircraft-like instrumentation, a passengers’ side monitor, self-diagnostics system and voice-command recognition system.



Gadgets on this Batmobile were relatively simple, but potent. It was armed with spherical bombs and a pair of forward-facing Browning machine guns. For quick manoeuvres, the Batmobile had side-mounted grappling hook launchers and a central “foot” capable of lifting the car and rotating it 180°. In addition to its armour plated body, the car could envelop itself in a heavy armour cocoon.


Anton Furst original design

Affectionately dubbed the “Keaton-mobile”, the car’s popularity with fans has established a strong following. It has been used as a basis for several comic book cars (as well as itself making various cameos in the comics), as inspiration for the Batman: The Animated Series car, served as a spokesmodel for OnStar in 1999, and easily ranks with the 1966 Batmobile as one of the most popular Batmobiles of all time.

This was a very sexy car and was absolutely as big a star of the show as everyone else in the film.


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