Blade Runner & Basic Instinct: parallel (interrogation) lines

blade runner basic instinct

There is an interesting comparison to be made ( originally in a single video via between the Voight-Kampff test Harrison Ford’s Deckard carries out on Sean Young’s Rachel in Blade Runner, and Michael Douglas’s Nick Curran interrogating murder suspect Catherine Trammell (Sharon Stone) in Basic Instinct.

Both women are supremely poised, coolly smoking. Each are suspected of concealing their true natures, and are questioned on their sexual practices. They each turn the tables on their interrogators, questioning their background.

Machine test parameters and their validity as a reliable indicator to determine emotional and biological responses are also debated. And of course each go on to have a screwed up relationship with their interrogators.

Did Paul Verhoeven and Joe Eszterhas consciously copy Ridley Scott’s set-up? Hat-tip or not, it’s cool to compare them. As the original comparison video is sadly now blocked in the UK, here are the separate scenes from each film.

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