Bowie 2001 A Space Oddity


British music artist Fritz Von Runte has crafted a symbiotic fusion of of eerie David Bowie remixes with the timeless visual poetry of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The result is a hypnotic, surreal mixpiece experience: Bowie 2001 A Space Oddity.

Von Runte has raided Bowie’s classic back catalogue, remixing tracks such as Ziggy Stardust, Heroes, Changes, Space Oddity and The Man Who Sold The World, to name a few, in a cosmic cavalcade of transcendent tunes and visuals. “Bowie, 2001, as well as NASA and the whole space age culture have always been a huge influence on me,” he has said.

We have a compilation sample clip below. The whole movie, or standalone soundtrack, can be downloaded or purchased on the siteĀ

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