Breaking The Fourth Wall: A Movie Supercut

annie hall 4th wall

Breaking the fourth wall, the practice of a character in a film addressing the viewer directly, by word or glance, can be a tricky move to pull off successfully. Via Press play, here is a supercut of some of the best, 54 films in total. One it doesn’t include sadly, is a subtle one from¬†Apocalypse Now I never noticed until I read cinematographer Vittorio Storaro discuss it.

During Willard’s (Martin Sheen) briefing about his mission to terminate (with extreme prejudice) Colonel Kurtz (Marlon Brando), as he is slowly made aware of the nature of his task, he glances, not off to the left, as normal, but directly into camera – us, the viewer. As if to say, as Storaro said, “Can you believe this?

Never mind. The compilation has one of the absolute best Fourth wall breaks, as a frustrated Woody Allen enlists the real Marshall McLuhan to torpedo a blowhard wrongly referencing his theories in the cinema queue. “Boy, if life were only like this…”!



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