C Project Independent Short Films Premiere


Saturday 31 March saw the culmination of a year of hard work by Marty Stalker of Scattered Images, to showcase the result of collaborative, independent film-making in Northern Ireland, with a free screening at Belfast’s Odeon cinema.

Marty is a former schoolteacher from Liverpool, turned succesful film maker. His Scattered Images production company makes everything from pop and corporate videos, to small films and award winning documentaries. When he moved to Belfast in 2005, he was impressed by the wealth of local talent, but surprised by the lack of networking. Marty has always been driven to film stories and is virtually self taught, or learned on the hoof. With this in mind, he created The C (for collaboration) Project. Although not a teaching programme, the aim was to collaborate with a handful of local film makers of various skill levels, using his production services to shoot and edit the works, and also promote them through various festivals. Contributors get hands on experience, from direction, camera operation, sound and lighting. They learn new skill sets and improve in their own areas, with modern facilities and equipment, even if the budgets are miniscule. Marty’s byword is “enthusiasm” – “Surround yourself with enthusiastic collaborators” he told a packed crowd at the grand unveiling. The quality of work and imagination was there for all to see, trailers for some of the pieces shown are below.

Desecration is a modern take on the Irish Banshee myth. Nuts and Robbers is a comic short with multiple robberies of a corner shop converging. Drowned At Birth details a harrowing true story in stark, silent black and white (with a great performance from my sister, Rosie Pelan, as the aunt from hell – Marty told me she stepped up to combine the originally envisaged two abusive aunt roles into one).

Coast is a longer, proposed horror pilot. Also shown were two impressive animation shorts: The Labyrinth Of Language (Adam McAllister, Alan Martin, Darren Porter and Gerard Dunleavy);  and  Olympic Whispers from Brutus Animation (Adam McAllister,Priya Mistry and Gerard Dunleavy).

Here’s hoping we’ll be C-ing the next generation of C Project films spring forth from these promising beginnings.

Dark of The night: Aiden Largey

Hammer: Colin Conn and Marty Stalker

Drowned At Birth: Marty Stalker

Nuts And Robbers: Aidan Gault and Marty Stalker

Coast: Alan Stewart and Chris McClenaghan

Desecration: Alan McCracken and Marty Stalker

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