Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Review

Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-SpoilersMarvel’s universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding, in all of the directions it can whizz. However there has been mild concern of late that this freight train aint being driven with that much care, rather it’s just speeding from A to B with the wild abandon of a breakdancing postman.

Certainly the most recent releases from Marvel Studios have raised eyebrows. Iron Man Three was problematic at best. Offering an awkward twist that felt like the last strained fart of a once great pirate. Suffice to say it angered most who saw it for differing reasons. The filmmakers then ran out of any idea of how to end it and plumped for the safe Iron Man territory where it had found solace twice before: MEN IN METAL SUITS PUNCH AND BLOW UP.

Thor: The Dark World was mostly a big waste of time for all involved. After the dust settled in Greenwich, we don’t feel like we know Thor any better and if anything it seemed to be a film about Loki and attempt to give the world THE most annoying female character in the world in Darcy Lewis.

So when I sat in the cinema last night to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier my hopes were not high. Someone had told me that they had read a review that it was a “game changer”. I took this with a pinch of salt – well a quarry of salt. However, by the end titles I was in love with this film. It was everything that I wanted from the first Captain America. It was fun, funny, it was heavy on action and it had a bad guy who actually seemed like he may present offer sort of ┬áresistance and not just a CG event before the end credits (still can’t get over how wasted the Red Skull was in the first film – criminal).

In terms of flattering comparisons I have read being offered the way of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, many lazy people keep mentioning Three Days of the Condor. I have no idea why, other than it also stars Robert Redford. It honestly bears very little in the way of similarities with that classic film, so ignore that one. The more accurate comparison would be Goldeneye, for reasons I won’t got into, but trust me, I walked out of this film thinking “Goldeneye“. Let me know if you did too.

Go and see this film. It’s a Marvel film with the usual whistles and bells, but it also has balls and some action set pieces that had me laughing out loud with the sheer brilliance of them. There are Heat style daytime shoot outs in the street and Bourne style intricate punch-ups. I loved them all, in particular the fantastic claustraphobic action scene in the elevator.

Game changer? Yes. I’ll go with that. Marvel is growing up and this can only be a good thing. Roll on Avengers 2.

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