lethal weapon

Merry Christmas – A Shane Black Tribute

“An action movie should, like any other, follow the narrative traditions of literature. That means there should be subtlety, a slow build and a gradual bringing together of all the separate threads of the plot. To see all of it coming together slowly is very rewarding for the audience.” – Shane Black Or, alternatively, you […]

Fantastic Four 1

Forgiven, Not Four-gotten – Recalling Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four

Here’s a film that doesn’t quite fit into our “Great Unmade” slot, yet, unless you have a bootleg copy, or catch it on YouTube, you’ll never see this unloved, bastard offspring of the Marvel universe. Seemingly Doomed (pun intended) from the start, Roger Corman’s Concorde-New horizons Pictures was tasked by rights holders Neue Constantin Films, […]

vanishing point

Vanishing Point: Existential Drift

“The car’s the star,” director Richard Sarafian believed of Vanishing Point, miffed that the studio overruled his choice of Gene Hackman as leading man. They made him cast Barry Newman as the delivery driver who evades the police across multiple State lines, to deliver a White Dodge Challenger in record time. What Sarafian didn’t get was, […]

batman begins

Batman Begins -“Beautiful Lie” Alternate Opening

One of the strongest elements of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is the visual style created by director Zack Snyder and cinematographer Larry Fong. That, and elements of Hans Zimmer and Junki XL’s score. With that in mind, Anton Volk has decided to edit an alternate opening to Christoper Nolan’s Batman Begins along the same […]

ilm van nuys 2

Storage Wars: ILM’s Birth In A Warehouse, Far, Far Away

John Dykstra. Denis Muren. Phil Tippett. Richard Edlund. These men, and the young guys and gals who toiled with them, were the corner stone of the modern age of movie effects, from inauspicious beginnings in an empty California warehouse, to the “go to” Skywalker Ranch magic maker of today. It all started with a little […]


Smokey IS the Bandit: Man or Myth?

In 1983 the powers that be at Universal wanted a third addition to the very popular Smokey and the Bandit series. The only problem was that Burt Reynolds (and director Hal Needham) were not interested in taking the Bandit for another spin. When the two main central forces of a successful franchise do not wish […]


Unhappy Life Day – The Star Wars Holiday Special

Many people doubt the existence of Bigfoot. There are copious stories of what Bigfoot looks like, what he is supposed to be and there is even grainy film footage of him. Many people just dismiss Bigfoot witnesses as opportunists trying to fool people into believing what is essentially just a myth. George Lucas would like you to believe that […]

spaghetti western terence_hill

Western , Italian Style

There’s far more to the Spaghetti Western sub-genre than the films of Sergio Leone (Spaghetti Western was a term he despised). His were simply the more polished end of a rough and ready take on America’s frontier history. Hundreds of European westerns were made from the 1960’s (their heyday) up to the the 1980s, many […]


The Crappening — Highlander 2 : The Quickening

Making a sequel can be a risky business. If the first film was a hit, there will be big expectations. You must walk a fine line, on the one hand you have to ensure that the winning ingredient from the first film is recaptured, and on the other hand you must be careful not to […]


Rambo Is A Pussy: A Sort of Tribute to Tango & Cash

Towards the end of the 1980s, action films were packing up their tents and starting to change tack. Brainless action was becoming a thing of the past and thanks to films like Die Hard, the muscleman was no longer the hero, instead the average Joe in a vest was in charge. Sadly, no one told […]

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