a history of horror

A History Of Horror

Below we have all three episodes of Mark Gatiss’s personal exploration of the horror film, from the classic Universal monsters, through to  those of the Hammer stable, British “folk horror”, like The Wicker Man, and films such as The Exorcist and George A Romero’s zombie apocalypse films. Packed with interviews and Gatiss’s engaging encyclopedic enthusiasm, […]

john williams conducting

Blockbuster Soundtracks: An Audiovisual Essay

Below is a short audiovisual essay by Ella Finch “exploring the emergence of pop soundtracks (Ghostbusters) in the new era of Hollywood blockbusters (’80s), and the evolution of ‘epic’ music scores (John Williams), becoming cult and key commercial points of films.” As John Williams is quoted in an interview with Film Score Monthly in 1977, “I […]


The Making of Superman 3

EPK from the time of a film are made are usually 10-15 minutes long and don’t really tell you much anyway. More often than not they are just a quick interview with someone pretending that they are making the best film ever (while lying through their teeth). In other words, they are usually not worth […]

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