the losers

Guilty Pleasures: The Losers

Based on a comic book for Vertigo, D.C’S “Mature” label, The Losers’  language and violence is toned downby director Sylvain White, but it still packs a peppy punch, with, guns, one–liners and good music galore from John Ottman (The Usual Suspects, X-Men 2). The black ops team are set up to eliminate a Bolivian drug lord […]

purple rain bike

Guilty Pleasures: Purple Rain

George Orwell was wrong. 1984 wasn’t the year of Big Brother, it was the year of the little brother from Minneapolis, Prince. After the Talented One had been toiling in the trenches he hit the big time with Purple Rain. This ridiculous, pompous semi-biopic of the same name, despite lurching perilously close to bad, is a stunning showcase […]

billion dollar brain

Guilty Pleasures: Billion Dollar Brain

    The third in moonlighting 007 producer Harry Saltzman’s “anti-Bond” series of cocky cockney Harry palmer films is actually the most Bond like, a wild, quirky international quest, brilliantly and bizarrely directed by enfant terrible, Ken Russell. Now is the  Midwinter of our discontent Russell was being given a lifeline by Saltzman and his […]

Prometheus ship

Guilty Pleasures: Prometheus

“A king has his reign, then he dies. It’s inevitable.” It is undeniable that Prometheus has problems in the script department, that characters behave in odd ways and are sometimes the writers pawns, moved from point A to B to get to the next set piece. Even when one takes into account first draft scripter […]


Guilty pleasures: Highlander

Highlander, one of Cannon films more genuinely entertaining films of the 1980’s, takes the Joseph Campbell hero myth and spins it in a dazzling, centuries spanning, rock video styled fantasy. A fantasy that culminates in a fin de siecle clash of Titans in a decadent, decayed, eighties New York. More bang for your buck than […]

where eagles dare 8

Guilty Pleasures: Where Eagles Dare

  Saving Private Ryan has a lot to answer for. Suddenly, WW II was hot again, but only in a visceral, reflective, solemn way. “Earn this” indeed. I’ve a lot of time for it, but it took Quentin Tarantino to inject his own wicked sense of fun into the time honoured, “guys on a mission” war […]


Guilty Pleasures: 1941

To read critical reaction at the time of its 1979 release, 1941 is “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing“. So why is it a Guilty pleasure? The story, a screwball farce based on an actual suspected Japanese attack on L.A and its environs a week after Pearl Harbor, […]

enemy mine 3

Guilty Pleasures: Enemy Mine

With this month’s Guilty Pleasures, you get two genres for the price of one. An SF version of John Boorman’s Hell In The Pacific, that then morphs into adventures in space babysitting. Human Davidge (Dennis Quaid), is left holding Drac erstwhile enemy “Jerry’s” (Louis Gossett Jnr) surprise offspring Zammis (Bumper Robinson). Throw in an appearance by “hey, […]

The avengers steed ralph

Guilty Pleasures: The Avengers (1998)

Oh what a glorious piece of tosh is The Avengers, how noble in intent, how infinite in faults…” Well, If Sean Connery can mangle Shakespeare in this film, so can I. Yet, despite its many faults, why is it such a guilty pleasure? The plot, centering around the English obsession with weather is an inspired […]


Guilty Pleasures: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Kirk: What does God need with a starship? McCoy: Jim, what are you doing? Kirk: I’m asking a question. “God”: Who is this creature? Kirk: Who am I? Don’t you know? Aren’t you God? Out of all the original cast Star Trek films, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier is the one that seems to regularly […]

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