the third man sewer

Scene Is Believing: The Third Man

  The Sewer Chase, Vienna and Shepperton Studios Voted the greatest British film ever by the BFI in 1999, The Third man is a thick stew of international tensions in a blitzed, expressionist post-war Vienna. It features two American stars, German speaking (and untranslated) eccentic supports, and an idiosyncratic score that led to a craze […]

sw rotj deleted scene sabre

Star Wars: Deleted Magic

Via Garrett Gilchrist on Vimeo, we have a look at the deleted scenes from the Star Wars saga, compiled from offical Lucasfilm sources on the various featurettes that have been made over the years. Here’s the synopsis: “Deleted Magic” is a feature-length documentary about the deleted scenes of the Star Wars trilogy, and about how […]

james bond ken adam 2

Ken Adam: Designing 007

Draw a Venn diagram making up the formative influences on the James Bond series, and a sizeable slice would be taken up by legendary designer Ken Adam. German born Sir Ken Adam OBE and his Jewish family escaped the Nazis in 1934. He went on to rival James Bond for derring-do exploits in the RAF […]

interstellar endurance

Interstellar Soundtrack and Sound Effects Featurette

Unusually, director Christopher Nolan withheld the release of the score for Interstellar until two weeks after the release of his new film, believing the emotional impact is best married to the full, cinematic experience. And that includes the “experiential” sound mix, that has garnered such a debate about audibility and clarity of dialogue. “I’ve always […]

me and me dad 3

Me And Me Dad: Screening and Interview with John and Katrine Boorman

  Last night I attended a screening of the documentary Me And Me Dad at Queens Film Theatre, Belfast, followed by a question and answer session with the director, Katrine Boorman, and her subject, father and director John Boorman. SYNOPSIS: The film is an intimate portrait about the iconic, award winning filmmaker John Boorman, director […]

2001 -a-space-odyssey-1968-006-conversation-inside-pod

2001 A Space Odyssey Stars in Screening Q & A

In a few short weeks, as part of the BFI’s sci-fi Days of Fear And Wonder season, a brand new  remastered print of Stanley Kubrick’s sublime epic, 2001 A Space Odyssey will begin an extended run. The film will also be shown nationwide by BFI Audience Network participating cinemas. Meanwhile in Toronto, the Stanley Kubrick […]

dirty harry 2

Dirty Harry, A Tarnished Tin Star

“Ring-a-ding-ding, Punk. Do you feel lucky?” Imagine a be-macced, laconic Frank Sinatra, wearily uttering those words in a New York minute. He, along with John Wayne, who baulked at the grim violence on the page, was an original choice for the role of detective “Dirty” Harry Callaghan, upholder of justice in a broken system, in the working […]


Composed #1 – Top 10 Jerry Goldsmith Scores

There is no question, that in terms of productivity and memorable film scores, John Williams is the person that everyone would immediately think of. He has been responsible for some of the greatest scores every produced. From the E.T. Theme to the Raiders march, from the Superman theme to Jaws, from Harry Potter to the whole of […]


10 Things I Want To See From Skyfall – UPDATED WITH SPOILERS

    As a bit of fun I thought I would revisit the list of things I wanted to see from Skyfall and see how many of my wishes came true. ONLY READ THIS IF YOU HAVE SEEN THE FILM AS BELOW THERE BE SPOILERS! 10. The gun barrel   While many among you may […]

interstellar movie-wide

Review: Interstellar

It’s funny how some Nolan naysayers bemoan an apparent lack of surprise in his films, that he signposts events and twists, then throw their hands up at the apparently baffling and ludicrous climax in his latest, most expansive film yet, Interstellar. Well, were you paying attention?  He was dropping breadcrumbs (or corncobs) right from the […]

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