Drew’s Top 10 Modern Movies

Like all movie sites, we all might as well contribute our top 10 movies. Since Sight & Sound seems to have neglected every movie made while anyone who was alive today was making movies, we’re keeping ours in the post-70s. Here is my personal best: 10. Airplane! (1980) I can’t help but put this movie […]

blade runner

On The Edge Of Blade Runner

Today Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner The Final Cut gets a special one day select cinema release, as part of the BFI’s “Days of Fear and Wonder” season, before a general roll out nationwide in April 2015. To celebrate, here is Mark Kermode’s documentary On The Edge Of Blade Runner (directed by Andrew Abbott), produced for […]

interstellar absolute zero 1

Unscene Is Believing: Interstellar – Absolute Zero

Christopher Nolan doesn’t do deleted scenes, but if he did, they’d probably be…hang on, this is beginning to sound like a certain lager commercial. He does occasionally fill in back story in comic strip form, though. He did so with Inception, now, under his guest editorship of the December issue of Wired, he’s doing it […]

the dark knight rises plane stunt 5

Scene Is Believing: The Dark Knight Rises

  The IMAX prologue: Bane takes the plane Early positive reviews for Sam Mendes’ Skyfall are hailing it as James Bond’s renaissance, Nolan-esque in terms of scale and depth. Mendes himself has acknowledged The Dark Knight in particular as a big influence – “What Nolan proved was that you can make a huge movie that […]

Interstellar waterworld

Scene Is Believing: Interstellar

“Time and tide wait for no man” – Chaucer The water planet Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar is full of spectacular images and locations, both space and planet bound. One of the most deadly is the watery world perched perilously on the limits of an orbit around a black hole, labelled Gargantua by the crew of the […]

point blank

A revenant’s revenge – John Boorman’s Point Blank

“I bet you’re a big Lee Marvin fan, aren’t you?” If you are, you’ll rate Point Blank highly, especially as he and director John Boorman considered it a metaphysical exploration of the actor’s troubled soul. Boorman and Marvin struck up an enduring friendship when they met during Marvin’s filming of The Dirty Dozen. For this […]


Wish You Were Here – Revisiting Film Locations

You’ve probably seen various blogs comparing stills of famous film locations to how they appear now, mundane without that movie magic glow. Herve Attia has gone one better, creating short videos on his Vimeo channel that not only compare, but have him revisit those locations in person, even inserting himself into the action occuring on those […]


A Non Traditional Christmas – 12 Must See Movies at Christmas

  Christmas films traditionally feature men in cardigans sat by a fire singing songs about Jack Frost or snow nipping at your unmentionables (that last bit may be false). The women wander around the house dressed in huge ball gowns carrying trays and smiling like their lives depend on it. Songs will be sung and […]

the keep 3

At The Mountains Of Madness: The Folly Of Michael Mann’s The Keep

  Sadly Guillermo del Toro’s ambitious planned film adaptation of At The Mountains Of Madness was shelved last year, and by all accounts seems unlikely to be resurrected, as he himself states Prometheus touched on much of the mood of H.P.Lovecraft’s original tale. It did however lead me to recall an earlier, glorious horror failure, The […]

lotr trilogy poster

The Lord Of The Rings: 21 Classic Moments

In honour of Peter Jackson’s imminent return to Middle-Earth with The Hobbit, we at Cinetropolis would like to celebrate his earlier modern classic set in that world, The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. It is a benchmark fantasy saga, surely destined to be as well loved as Star Wars. Our classic moments are in the order they appear […]

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