Scene Is Believing: Chasing The Red Dragon

Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon has been adapted for the screen three times, as Michael Mann’s Manhunter (1986), Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon (2002) and for NBC, Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal (2013-2015) – the latter playing more freely and artfully with the relationship between its eponymous, cannibalistic psychopath and Will Graham, the FBI profiler who catches him. All […]


Interview: Dan Richter, 2001: A Space Odyssey’s Moonwatcher

Recently by chance I discovered Dan Richter, chief  choreographer and lead performing man-ape “Moonwatcher”, from the Dawn Of Man segment of 2001: A Space Odyssey, is on twitter. I contacted him through his website and he very kindly agreed to give the readers of Cinetropolis some insight into his experiences working on Stanley Kubrick’s seminal […]

private snafu

Saving Private Snafu

Did you know there were adult cartoons, outside of the prim strictures of Hollywood censorship, during World War II? If you were a civvie, however, you couldn’t get to see them. I suppose you could call that “Catch- Snafu” – after the hapless G.I Private Snafu, created by children’s favourite Dr Seuss, to both entertain […]

dan dare space fleet

The Great Unmade? Dan Dare

Dan Dare, Pilot Of The Future, has seemingly had more revamps than the line up of The Sugababes. But did you know that the erstwhile Eagle comic strip nearly made it to the small screen in a live action spectacular show in 1981? An ATV production under the auspices of legend Lew Grade would have seen […]

ken loach

Ken Loach’s Star Wars

Here’s a funny spoof –  Greg Haiste and Marie Lawrence, together with director Nick Reed, have done a spoof version of Star Wars, in the style of social realist director Ken Loach’s grim northern schoolboy classic, Kes. Altogether now – “It’s not a Kestrel, it’s a Falcon.”  

Peter Sellers Being There

The Many Faces of Peter Sellers part 3: Being There and the many wives of Peter Sellers

Throughout his fairly long career, Peter Sellers made many questionable career decisions. Some for the money, some for the plaudits and some pet projects. They were almost all further nails in his career coffin. However, these mistakes were not exclusively made in career decisions. They were also repeated with his wives. Sellers met his first […]

play dirty 10

Reappreciation Society: Play Dirty

Lee Marvin, talking to Roger Ebert,  once dismissed The Dirty Dozen, in which he played a gruff major leading a band of cut-throats on a suicide mission to wipe out Nazis, as a “dummy money-maker”. Play Dirty (1969), a film unfairly castigated as being a rip-off of said convict commando caper, is a much grittier and […]


Scene Of The Crime: Drive

Love In An Elevator, Livin’ It Up When I’m Goin’ Down Driver (Ryan Gosling), the stoic, monotone, toothpick chewing doomed hero of Nicolas Winding Refn’s cool, eighties-riffing neo-noir Drive, is an enigma. A blank slate from an unexamined troubled past,  a James Dean / Richard Gere a-like driver for the movies, who seeks to be “a real […]

James Bonds

Premium Bond – Who is The Best 007?

Six actors have played Ian Fleming’s super suave spy, but which is the best, or at least, your favourite? Via BBC Arts, writer and broadcaster Matthew Sweet, and fellow polymath Mark Gatiss (actor, writer) don tuxedos, corner the bar, and over a couple of Vespers, debate the relative merits of each Eon-era. “Ready 007?” “Absolutely, […]

peeping tom poster

Peeping Tom: The Cinema Of The Complicit

Has ever a film had more of a 360 degree critical turnaround than Michael Powell’s 1960 psychodrama, Peeping Tom? Possibly Heaven’s Gate, although at least Powell wasn’t blamed for the perceived ruin of a whole studio. Dilys Powell of The Sunday Times described Peeping Tom as “essentially vicious”. It seemed the director was wilfully flaunting a daring approach, horror as complicit voyeurism, […]

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