“I’m the guy you buy” – Michael Clayton

The term “modern masterpiece” is thrown around too much these days. More often than not it is a case of mistaken hyperbole and soon retracted once it comes out on DVD. Five stars become three and before you know it the revisionists are out suggesting it is one of the worst films ever made. However […]

apocalypse now opening

The Doors Of Perception: Apocalypse Now’s Ghost Helicopter Flyover

The opening of Apocalypse Now is a phantasmagorical  fusion of imagery and sound, a strange glimpse into the mind of its hero Willard (Martin Sheen); as The End by The Doors opens, helicopter rotors swoop slowly, hypnotically in from the corner of the audience’s perception, then behind, over a jungle canopy that bursts into flame, like a deadly flower. […]

twenty four by thirty six

For The love Of Illustrated Movie Posters: Twenty Four By Thirty Six

Twenty Four By Thirty Six is a new Kickstarter aided documentary that will, when completed, celebrate the creativity and love of illustrated movie poster art, old and new, by interviewing the artists who create it, and the superfans who collect it. If you are tired of the photoshop banality of many modern official film posters, […]

6th bridge point-blank-02

Celluloid Ran Through It – L.A’s 6th Street Bridge Closes

On January 27, 2016 the 6th Street Bridge in Los Angeles was closed down for upcoming demolition due to safety issues. The landmark, built in 1932 by architect Merrill Butler, is probably as well recognised to film devotees as any of its East Coast New York cousins. To mark the passing of this piece of celluloid […]


Rambo Is A Pussy: A Sort of Tribute to Tango & Cash

Towards the end of the 1980s, action films were packing up their tents and starting to change tack. Brainless action was becoming a thing of the past and thanks to films like Die Hard, the muscleman was no longer the hero, instead the average Joe in a vest was in charge. Sadly, no one told […]


Scene is Believing: Superman 2

Very occasionally in cinema there are movie moments that make you want to leap from your seat and high five with God. Obviously these moments are few and far between, but one such moment is surely up there with the best of them. The climax of Superman II. Superman II was a troubled shoot, with […]

de niro pacino dreamed scenes

Pacino /De Niro “Dreamed Scenes”

Heat was great, wasn’t it? Those two titans of American cinema, De Niro and Pacino batting back and forth against each other (let’s forget Righteous Kill though). Imagine if they’d acted together more often. Well, thanks to this tribute by Adrian Iffrig, they do, as well as meta-comment on their own performances (a crying De […]

the revenant bts 1

The Revenant – “A World Unseen”

The Revenant is a brutally immersive, sensory experience that has to be seen on the big screen. Based on true events, during a pelt hunting trip in 1823 amongst the wilderness of The Louisiana Purchase, legendary American scout Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by the group’s survivors, […]

the world

The World’s End – Rock U Tonite

Ah, the pub crawl. That venerable tradition of getting shitfaced in as many taverns as possible in a single night, usually only attempted by the young and foolish. Only the crazy would try and complete the quest in their forties whilst fending off a horde of alien “Symbiots” though, like Gary King (Simon Pegg) does […]

The Game1

Fincher’s Nightmare: Welcome To Your Game

Sixteen years on, David Fincher’s The Game (1997) has come to be seen as a prescient, shadenfreude look at the gulf between us and the “one percent”, delighting in the take down of a privileged, modern day Scrooge. There is plenty there to examine, but I also see it as a kind of step-sibling to Christopher Nolan’s Inception. […]

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