New Kid in Town: Predator 2

  As the dust settled within the giant crater in Val Verde, and Anna and Dutch got to the chopper. One thing was for sure, we would be seeing that “ugly mutha fu*ker” again. A sequel was as inevitable as a cabinet minister being captured when flying on the wrong side of da border. The […]

raiders truck stunt

Tribute To Stunt Legend Terry Leonard

“You’d better damn sure pay attention to what you’re doing, because it’s going to catch up on you sooner or later.” – Terry Leonard Below is a tribute to legendary stunt man and stunt coordinator Terry Leonard, from the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival. It played at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood before a screening […]

Boom (1968)

Scene Of The Crime: Boom!

In 1966, Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor delivered a blistering take on marital strife in Mike Nichol’s adaptation of Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? After that, they acted together in an adaptation of  The Taming Of The Shrew. Clearly they were developing a taste (and knack) for transferring the magic of theatre to the big screen. Cut […]

predator 6

Predator: Goin’ Crazy, Down in Val Verde

On location in steamy Mexico, the terrain is so uneven that cast and crew have long forgotten the last day they stood up straight while filming. Today is the day the fearsome alien creature that has been stalking and picking off Arnold Schwarzenegger’s band of alpha-male hard-asses makes its debut. Only when the suit is […]


Star Wars: The Blackened Mantle, A Prequel Re-edit

We’re all aware of the fan edits of films out there, especially those of the Star Wars prequels. Here’s a relatively new one, entitled Star Wars: The Blackened Mantle. What’s unusual about it is the editor, Darth Lunar, has refashioned the dialogue in Japanese, with English subtitles. Somehow this, combined with the editing choices, makes […]


Meet The Cure: A Sort of Tribute to Cobra

Sylvester Stallone will often tell anyone who’ll listen about the mistakes he has made in his career. For every Rocky there is a Rhinestone, for every First Blood, there is a Rocky 5. While the 1980s was a fruitful period for Stallone commercially, by the end of the decade, he was in steep decline. It would […]

the italian job rerelease poster

Re-appreciation Society: The Italian Job

Cooler than a mint imperial, cheekier than a Sid James laugh, the insouciant, geezerish swagger of The Italian Job sums up the fresh frivolity of a late ’60’s British vibe that probably only existed in the film-makers imagination. Yet its appeal is timeless: recently BBC Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson replicated stunt driver Remy Julienne’s attempt to do 360 […]

star wars the force awakens leia

Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic-Con Panel & BTS Reel

Watch the full Comic-Con panel for Star Wars The Force Awakens below, featuring JJ Abrams and many of the stars, including a surprisingly non-grumpy Harrison Ford, making his debut at one of these shindigs. And then watch the behind the scenes reel and feel the Force of positive waves.    

the duellists

The Duellists: A Magnificent Obsession

  “Big things have small beginnings” – An imagined slight leads to a fifteen year magnificent obsession during the rise and fall of Napoleon’s Empire, in Ridley Scott’s sublime debut The Duellists. The film (based on Joseph Conrad’s short story The Duel, itself based on reality) charts an obsessive conflict, reluctant on one part, between two officers […]

Runaway Train

The Trouble With Movie Trains – A Top Ten

To celebrate the release of Runaway Train, a cracking tale of escaped convicts on er, a runaway train, on dual format Blu-ray and DVD on 22 July, here is a subjective top 10 of perilous train journeys. All aboard! 10. Murder On The Orient Express 1974 Hercule Poirot has cause to regret snow on the track as […]

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