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Children Of Men – Every Shot 45 Seconds Or Longer

A while back a lot of sites were sharing a video detailing “Spielberg’s “one-ers” – long, flowing takes by the director in several of his films. Our friend Larry Wright compiled his own video some time before that, on every take in Alfonso Cuaron’s Children Of Men lasting 45 seconds or longer, in anticipation of […]


Carpenter is King – HALLOWEEN (1978)

Did John Carpenter invent the slasher genre? No. Did he make it mainstream and set the bar for all other films like it that would follow? Absolutely. I had seen Halloween before on cable in bits and pieces, but I had never really sat down to watch it until 2006. My friends and I had […]


Review: Ex Machina

Oscar Isaac’s Nathan has seen (and created) things you wouldn’t believe. Now he wants Domhnall Gleeson’s Caleb, a bright spark coder at his mega company Blue Book, the world’s largest search engine, to join him at his Alaskan Fortress Of Solitude to do a very special task. A Turing test with a twist – is […]

raiders forrestal

Scene Is Believing: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

  The Peruvian Temple set, stage 4, Elstree Studios “Throw me the whip.” “Throw me the Idol.” Ever since Goldfinger, the James Bond series has come up with a spectacular opening pre-credit sequence. Appropriately enough, since Steven Spielberg had professed a desire to George Lucas to direct a Bond film, Raiders Of The Lost Ark […]

american sniper

American Sniper: Insha’Allah At The Gates

War! What is it good for? A record breaking $105 million January opening weekend, that’s what. And a debate that rages on over whether director Clint Eastwood and screenwriter Jason Hall’s American Sniper is a Republican polemic of “God, America, Country“; or a “Coming Home“-redux, surprisingly according to  one-time “Hanoi-Jane” Fonda. When the truth becomes […]


John’s VERY Mini Review of 2012 in Film

From the outset I should make it clear that as a Dad (and a lazy bastard) I didn’t get to the cinema as much as I would have liked this year. This list is purely based on the films I saw, not ALL the films that were out in 2012. Sorry about that. Anyway. Let us begin. […]

the critic

Reelin’ In The year: Tim’s look back at 2012’s films

  AHA! It’s that time of year when critics look back at the year’s films and make a list, checking it twice, to make sure at least one of their choices doesn’t make them look like a complete multi-plex knob (although EMPIRE seem to have boobed, being panned by some for choosing the crowd pleasing […]

stanley kubrick poster

Stanley Kubrick: An Academy Appreciation Evening And Screening Retrospective

The Motion Picture Academy and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art have joined forces to celebrate the career of one of cinemas most visionary directors, Stanley Kubrick. Last Wednesday, November 7, at an appreciation hosted by Malcolm McDowell in the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, friends and collaborators of 13 time Oscar nominated Kubrick gathered to […]


Time Out: The Twilight Zone movie and the death of Vic Morrow

When Steven Spielberg assembled his gang of hot directors to make a Twilight Zone movie in 1981, he had no idea that one of them would make the film live in infamy for years to come – and not in a good way. Spielberg wanted to make The Twilight Zone movie a love letter to the classic […]

battle beneath the earth poster

Reds Under The Bed(rock): Battle Beneath The Earth

In a weird time delay, the Red Dawn remake, introducing Chris Hemsworth long after he’s already become an established star, is almost out of the traps. The first trailer for the  unneeded remake of an already dubious film went up this week. In it, the dodgy sci-fi weapon that justifies the switch of invaders to […]

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