Destroy Superman: What Went Wrong With Superman 4?

When Superman 3 came out in 1983, the world was confused. On the one hand it was a perfectly serviceable Superman film. On the other hand it was a whacky Richard Pryor vehicle. Combine that with the hilariously unfunny slapstick opening sequence and you have a curate’s egg of mammoth proportions. The critics and public alike were […]

skyfall bond silva

Scene Is Believing: Skyfall

Searching for Silva-man In The City of Lost Children Director Sam Mendes’ intention with James Bond’s Straw Dogs meets Home Alone siege  at Skyfall, his gloomy ancestral home, was to “go back in time”; to both exorcise some manufactured ghosts in the two dimensional agents life, and acknowledge a “purer” period before “exploding pens.” Equally, villain Silva (Javier Bardem) is […]

galaxy quest

Galaxy Quest Retrospective Video Essay

Here is a great video essay from Oliver Harper, one of his “Retrospective” series, this time on Star Trek flavoured sci-fi comedy, Galaxy Quest, where the faded stars of a cancelled sci-fi show are mistaken for heroes of the National Space Exploration Administration ship Protector, by aliens in need of their ass-kicking skills. In reality, […]

star wars backprojection

Unscene Is Believing: The Deleted And Alternate Scenes of The Star Wars Trilogy

In a bit of a post Star Wars Celebration slump? Then why not delve into these curios – via The Playlist, Marcelo Zuniga has complied the deleted scenes from all the films in the Star Wars saga. We’re only posting those from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi. If you must watch […]

its got to be bassey

Spectre’s Songstress: It’s Got To Be Bassey – A Web Of Spin

Now this is a campaign we can get behind. Two superfans, Paul Joseph and Tim Benzie, have launched a campaign with the Twitter hashtag, #ItsGotToBeBassey, to have Dame Shirley Bassey sing the theme song for James Bond 24, Spectre. The London based couple have inserted themselves into footage from all the Bond films, interrupting the […]


Scene is Believing: An American Werewolf in London

In cinema, to attempt the previously unattempted takes bravery – to be that lone trailblazer can be a real tightrope; mess it up and you look stupid, get it right and you will go down in history. In the 1970s, when John Landis talked to Rick Baker about making a werewolf film, he wanted to […]

american graffiti 1

“Crying In The Chapel” – American Graffitti’s Snapshot of A Modesto Youth

The Atlantic has published a 1979 article from their vaults (The Man Who Made Star Wars), and it’s a fascinating read about George Lucas’ Modesto youth, his time at film school, and early career, culminating of course at the time with the then recent success of Star Wars. Below is an extract detailing the making […]


The Great Unmade? Gary Whitta’s “Replicant”, Starring Ryan Gosling

With the news that Ryan Gosling is to co-star in the upcoming Blade Runner sequel, Gary Whitta, screenwriter of The Book Of Eli, After Earth, and the first draft screenwriter on the first of the new stand-alone Star Wars films, tweeted his own pitch from 2012 for a “Gosling-powered Blade Runner sequel.” And he kindly […]

sw the force awakens bb8

Meet BB8: Star Wars The Force Awakens’ Scene Stealer

Here is BB8 introduced at the Star Wars Celebration event today, in advance of the screening of the second teaser for the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. The tumbling “ball-droid” is actually a real, practical effect. I can’t even tell how his head doesn’t just roll off. Amazing ingenuity from the designers. Has […]


A Tribute to Tom Mankiewicz

In 1974 Alexander Salkind, Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler (European uber producers) bought the rights to Superman from DC comics. The Salkinds and Spengler’s approach to making movies was very much like Real Madrid or Manchster City’s approach to football. You sign big names to the project and the rest will fall into place. They […]

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