The Terminator endo skeleton cameron concept

Intelligent Design: Creating The Terminator

From a flop sweat fever dream it came to him – James Cameron’s Tech Noir nightmare. Sacked unceremoniously from his fledgling debut , Piranha 2: The Spawning, the hungry director, determined to make his mark after toiling as a special effects maestro at Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, bought a one way ticket to Rome […]

titanic belfast

Jim Cameron Visits Titanic Birthplace

  This week director Jim Cameron and producer Jon Landau are in my neck of the woods, Belfast, promoting the upcoming release of Titanic  on 3D Blu ray, and also paying tribute to the ordinary workers who built the vessel. As well as this, Cameron has donated several props and costumes from the film to […]

roger rabbit where are they now

Where Are They Now? Roger And Jessica Rabbit, The Council Flat Years

Ever wonder what happened to those animated heroes of your youth, when those halcyon ’80′s days have faded away? Wonder no more, Steve Cutts has tracked them down for you. Sometimes it’s better to burn out, than to fade away….


“I’ve Got It!” – A Sort of Tribute to King Solomon’s Mines

Have you ever watched any of the Indiana Jones films and thought to yourself, “I wish Indy had a beard, was mildly stupid and felt like he was mildly watered down and sort of done on the cheap”? Well, luckily for you, a film exists to suit your needs exactly, and it is called King Solomon’s […]

to lose control banner

Short Film: To Lose Control

Marty Stalker is a former Royal Marine turned film director. Liverpool born and now based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, he has  previously directed short films, documentaries, music videos and several TV commercials for both UK and US television. To lose Control, his latest short film, is something of a personal project for the director – […]

tdk interrogation

Scene Is Believing: The Dark Knight

Crazy clown time- The Dark Knight’s Joker interrogation   For this month’s Scene is Believing, I thought it would be apt to (a) look back at the previous chapter in director Christopher Nolan’s unintended Batman trilogy, and (b) take a look at his favourite scene from that film, which underscores even further the influence of […]

lawrence of arabia windscreen

Lawrence Of Arabia: A Desert Odyssey

“All men dream, but not equally…” T.E.Lawrence  The word “epic” is bandied about too easily these days. Along with its running mate “awesome”, its value has been cheapened by everyday use. But certain films have cause to claim that word as their primary definition, for no other will suffice – such a film is Lawrence […]

jesse james -train

A Misleading Study In Melancholy: The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

“Yeah, just ain’t no peace with old Jesse around.” Defiantly uncommercial, from the King James bible cadence of its players victoriana valedictions, to the shaggy dog narrative of an outlaw folk hero’s last days, that stretches on beyond his titular killing – even Terrence Malick called this film slow. Yet this badly marketed 2007 film […]

Apocalypse Now willard head

Behind The Bamboo Curtain: Apocalypse Now Revealed

Secondary school. Shit. I’m still only in secondary school. I vividly remember where I was the first time I saw Apocalypse Now. It was in our school amphitheatre during a lull towards the end of term, when traditionally the big telly would be wheeled out and a film was put in the video top loader […]

mccabe & mrs miller 1

Scene Is Believing: McCabe & Mrs Miller

McCabe & Mrs Miller arose out of Warren Beatty’s frustrations with Robert Towne over finalising a script for Shampoo, his next pet project with his then lover, Julie Christie. If he thought he was frustrated with Towne, wait until he butted heads with his chosen McCabe director, Robert Altman. The stop-gap  movie script was based […]

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