Rogue One: A War Story(s)

Star Wars trailer re-editor supreme Nick Hedenbeck of Twitter account @NickSkywalk and @StarWarsAlert has been at work again. This time, instead of merely re-editing all the existing Rogue One footage so far, he’s created what he calls Rogue One: A War Story, with the emphasis on the escalating tension and action – the ticking watch from Christopher Nolan’s […]

star wars poster mashup

From Star Wars To Jedi: The making Of A Saga

This is the Star Wars Holiday Special we at Cinetropolis deem it acceptable to watch over Christmas – the 1983 PBS TV Special. Thanks to Larry Wright for posting it on Twitter. Originally posted 2013-12-16 22:54:51. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

star wars rogue one jyn 3

Rogue Female: A Star Wars Saboteur

In the latest issue of Empire, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story director Gareth Edwards muses on the enigmatic title of the upcoming stand-alone, sorta-prequel: Rogue, as in the first such story outside the main saga; Rogue, as in a call sign for the rag-tag rebels tasked with snatching the Death Star plans that ultimately […]

star wars guatemala

Star Wars: Jungle Fever And Garbage Pail Kids

During a lull in Star Wars production at ILM in March 1977, Richard Edlund, visual effects supervisor, decided this was the perfect time to lead a team to get a key shot in Guatemala – the rebel sentry recording the arrival of the Millenium Falcon over the Yavin base. Edlund flew down with master machinist […]

elstree 76

What is Elstree 1976?

  If you are even remotely interested in Star Wars and engage on Twitter, you’ll have been intrigued by a cryptic new Twitter account, @Elstree 1976, and its countdown to May 7. Now, the mystery can be revealed. Elstree 1976 is a new documentary by Jon Spira, a documentary “about ten very different lives connected […]


star wars begins: the filmumentary strikes back

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away, it was rumoured there was forgotten Star Wars production footage, missing scenes and all manner of behind the scenes goodies that Lucasfilm would have us believe was unavailable. They didn’t count on Jamie Benning… NOTE: This is an amended form of my interview that first appeared last […]

sw tpm real set

Star Wars Redux: Practical Magic

The internet has Star Wars fans in a quandary, with leaked snaps surfacing of grungy costumes and practical, weather beaten sets from the Abu Dhabi location of  Episode VII, and now Han Solo’s ride, The Millenium Falcon, under construction at a secret location. This, combined with the giant practical creature (operated by five internal puppeteers, it’s rumoured), […]

star wars splinter of the mind

Star Wars Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye Story Conference

In the midst of fraught  post-production on Star Wars, George Lucas was planning ahead. As we reported in our previous The Great Unmade: Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye, Lucas was hedging his bets. He wasn’t convinced that his space opera would be a great success, and considered using his ghost author for the novelization, Alan […]

ralph mcquarrie star wars matte

Ralph McQuarrie: A Tribute

  Here at Cinetropolis, we are massive Star Wars fans. So it was with great sadness we learned of the death of artist Ralph McQuarrie yesterday at the age of 82. Ralph was the man who George Lucas turned to when he needed to explain his vision to studio executives in 1976, as he tried […]

star wars Rogue One A-Star-Wars-Story-logo

Teaser Breakdown: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The teaser for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has dropped, so we thought we’d do a trailer breakdown for you because, hey, there aren’t enough of those things on the internet, right? Directed by Gareth Edwards, hot off the giant heels of Godzilla and his low budget, big ambitioned debut Monster, the film sees […]

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