piece of cake 3

Reappreciation Society: Piece of Cake

Author Derek Robinson credits LWT’s 1988 adaptation of his WWII RAF novel Piece Of Cake with reviving a work he felt he had put four years work into for little return. The excellent novel has remained in print ever since, yet perversely, I’m sure few now remember this piece of television brilliance. Piece Of Cake tells the tale […]

edge of darkness

Edge Of Darkness: Tree Detective

The Boys From The Blackstuff, The Monocled Mutineer, Edge Of Darkness; in hindsight  it seems as if the 1980’s was a decade of politically sharp television drama. However, Troy Kennedy Martin’s long gestation of EOD (started in 1982, screened in 1985)  arose out of his despondency at the apolitical atmosphere at the BBC – he […]

spies of warsaw

Furst Among Equals: The Cinematic Spy Novels of Alan Furst

You won’t find Alan Furst’s early contemporary murder mysteries mentioned among his best sellers in the fly leaves of his books. By his own admission, they weren’t very good, and not what he was really interested in doing. One day he then went to look for a historical spy novel to read, and couldn’t find […]

the long firm

Sympathy For The Devil? The Long Firm’s Harry Starks

“There is a business like show business. It’s what I do.” Meet Harry Starks, the wickedly magnetic crime figure of ’60’s London, created by author Jake Arnott is his debut novel, The Long Firm, and brought to life on screen in the BBC adaptation by actor Mark Strong. Harry’s a larger then life character, a […]

Deadwood 1877

A Video Tribute To Deadwood, By Matt Zoller Seitz

Editor-in-chief of RogerEbert.Com and New York magazine TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz is a self confessed devotee of David Milch’s western drama, Deadwood. So much so that he has, together with editor Steven Santos, and Jim Beaver on voiceover duties (who played Ellsworth in the show),made a video essay on the show to mark the […]

star wars rebels ezra

Star Wars Rebels: News Roundup

While it would take a Bothan spy to get any of the skinny on JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, details on Disney’s Star Wars Rebels animated series are coming thick and fast. Star Wars Rebels will premiere with a one hour special this Autumn on the Disney channel, before moving to a weekly series on Disney XD. It […]

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