Children Of Men – Every Shot 45 Seconds Or Longer

children of men 2

A while back a lot of sites were sharing a video detailing “Spielberg’s “one-ers” – long, flowing takes by the director in several of his films. Our friend Larry Wright compiled his own video some time before that, on every take in Alfonso Cuaron’s Children Of Men lasting 45 seconds or longer, in anticipation of that crazily long opening in his latest, Gravity.

Larry elaborates:

“I had seen the film a few times before, and couldn’t recall more than a handful of shots that I thought would work. I was shocked to find there were 16 of them — heck, there are 6 longer than 90 seconds! They are used in a variety of situations, and to great effect. It was easy to see how I could forget there were so many, as each one simply pulled you further into the story. It made me so excited for ‘Gravity’ that I felt I just had to share with anyone else who would be interested.”

Say no more Larry. Here is the fruit of his labours.


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