Composed #1 – Top 10 Jerry Goldsmith Scores

There is no question, that in terms of productivity and memorable film scores, John Williams is the person that everyone would immediately think of. He has been responsible for some of the greatest scores every produced. From the E.T. Theme to the Raiders march, from the Superman theme to Jaws, from Harry Potter to the whole of the Star Wars saga. The man is undeniably a genius.
But, there was another genius scoring films who was just as prolific, and produced scores that were just as memorable: Jerry Goldsmith.

If Williams is The Beatles, Goldsmith was The Rolling Stones.

Goldsmith somehow felt different to the rest, his music always felt like a perfect fit for the film, and in many cases made a really terrible film feel like a masterpiece (Supergirl, King Solomon’s Mines) with the grandiose compositions he would produce.

In 2004 Goldsmith died, but he leaves behind a wonderful canon of beautiful film music.

Here are 10 examples of great Jerry Goldsmith scores (in no order):

1. L.A Confidential

Brooding and packed with foreboding.  This score really sums up the film and gives you the same film noir feel that is playing out on the screen. Beautiful work.

Also has shades of his previous Chinatown score.

2. Poltergeist.

A really haunting main theme (pardon the pun), that really captures the innocence of the young character.  It will stick in your head forever.

3. Total Recall

No one does Sci-Fi scores like Goldsmith. He really nails this one and captures the whole feel of the film.  This is a score that is often used on TV and in trailers. You can hear why. Put simply, it is awesome.

4. King Solomon’s Mines

The ultimate example of what I referred to earlier. This film is a total piece of shit. But this score is great. You do get the feeling however, that much the filmmakers, Goldsmith was asked to try and get a “Raiders of the Lost Ark” feel.

Done, pay the man.


5. Gremlins

Musical anarchy from start to finish. One moment soft and caressing, the next violent and schizophrenic.

“The Gremlin Rag “is a real highlight.

6. First Blood

A score that almost walks beside Rambo, rain soaked and depressed as he walks on the long road into town at the beginning.  Much like Rambo, it is also ready and willing to shift a gear and kick ass. Really nice and a perfect match.

7. Star Trek: The Motion Picture

One of Goldsmith’s most accomplished scores. The track “Ilia’s Theme” just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand to attention. Every time I hear it I am reminded that it is another example of Goldsmith outclassing the film.

8. Chinatown

One of the ultimate examples of film noir. This score really puts you in the movie and doesn’t let you go until you hear the words, “Forget it Jake. It’s Chinatown”.

9. Alien

Alien is a “haunted house in space” film. This score evokes the feeling of doom and lonliness that inevitably comes with it. A really haunting piece of music.

10. The Omen

If there is another piece of music that perfectly sums up the Devil. I would like to hear it. This is, put simply, musical evil and should never be played on Halloween, lest you want to shit your pants.

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