Crikey DM! David Jason’s Tribute To Cosgrove hall

danger mouse

The relaunched Danger Mouse cartoon has seemingly won over a new generation of fans, and allayed fears of those who fondly remember the adventures of Britain’s other greatest secret agent, voiced by David Jason, and his bumbling assistant, Penfold (Terry Scott).

So this is as good a time as any to listen to David Jason’s radio 4 tribute from 2014 to Cosgrove Hall, the Manchester animation company that brought us such classics as Danger Mouse, The Wind In The Willows, The Big Friendly Giant, Count Duckula, and many more.

From the synopsis:

For 30 years, BAFTA and EMMY award-winning animation duo Brian Cosgrove and the late Mark Hall delighted children (and often adults) with their many memorable creations – from the often surreal Chorlton and the Wheelies, Jamie and the Magic Torch, and Count Duckula, to remakes of cherished classics like Noddy, Andy Pandy and Bill and Ben.

Sir David explores Cosgrove Hall’s triumphs – as well as the tragedies that led this iconic company to close and its historic studios to be knocked down. He also considers the company’s legacy and influence on today’s British animation industry – and beyond.


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