Entitled: The Untouchables


When Brian De Palma relaunched an old TV series for the 80s he did it with sheer class. A powerful cast, a sumptuous score, and an opening title sequence that lived long in the memory.

The titles were put together by Richard Greenberg of R/Greenberg Associates (Superman, Alien) and they are fantastically memorable considering they are just two words in a blank space. We begin in the shadows of the words, which then become clear and take over the screen, before sloping off into the distance and fade from view – a nice metaphor for Ness and his team. There is a wonderful film noir feel about these titles and it also serves as a perfect preparation in terms of mood for the film that is about to follow, not to mention the superb marriage with Ennio Morricone’s fantastic “Strength of the Righteous” Untouchables theme.

Richard Greenberg had this to say about them: “That movie was beautifully shot in color. I thought it would be great to do something that was black and white, some very film noir titles to contrast it. I had an art director that I was working with and we kept looking at shadows. I got the idea that the shadows should be actually cast by the word. And the art director kept saying, “It’s boring.” Finally I just looked at him and said, “It’s supposed to be boring.” I wanted it to take its time. That’s how I thought about this stuff; I didn’t want it to be rushed. I guess it was in reaction to what was so prevalent at the time: news graphics and stuff that was all so rushed. And it’s only gotten worse”.

So much more than a lot of talk and a badge. Here endeth the lesson.

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