Entitled: The Wild Geese

The Wild Geese Half Sheet

There is a reason that The Wild Geese feels like a Bond film. Although it doesn’t feature 007 and has absolutely no elements of him, some of the same crew worked on it, including future Bond director John Glen and the incumbent Bond at that time Roger Moore. The other major similarity, which really gives the game away, is that the titles were designed by Maurice Binder.

The troubling Roy Budd opening flourish leads into the beautiful Joan Armatrading song “Flight of the Wild Geese” that hauntingly drapes itself over the Binder titles. These images are beautifully presented in typical Binder fashion with the pictures dancing behind the cut outs. In this instance they represented the turmoil that was going on in Africa at that time, with barbed wire borders lacing the country together, disparate violence, suffering and in some instances visuals of actual geese flying by a setting sun – obviously to illustrate the advancing years of our protagonists – or that time is running out to help those in need of it. It then culminates with a direct dissolve back into the film, in the exact way ever Bond film did after each Binder title sequence. A truly classic and memorable opening sequence.

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