Full Metal Jacket Diary? There’s An App For That

Actor Matthew Modine has come up with a great ipad must have for movie lovers everywhere – an app version of his limited edition Full Metal Jacket Diaries, which was released in 2005 as a metal-encased book, limited to 20,000 copies.

Modine played Pvt. Joker in Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam war drama Full Metal Jacket, which filmed in London between 1984 and 1986. On set, he documented his experiences through a diary (as he had done on previous shoots), and his own candid photography, captured on a borrowed medium-form Rolliflex camera. Kubrick, himself a keen photographer, encouraged Modine, who in turn worked harder on his writing, feeling it would have a wider audience. Wired has further details:

“In the app, photos take up about two-thirds of the screen. To the right of each image is a rolling column of chronological entries from Modine’s diary. As you swipe through the text, the images change to correspond to the diary content. And each photo has an “info” button that allows you to order a print or share it on Twitter. You can also tag them as favorites, which can be accessed from the app’s menu so you can return to them quickly.

Modine, in fact thinks that the book on the iPad has transformed into something the print book could never be. “We call it an Appumentary,” he said. “There’s never quite been anything like this before and I think these sorts of apps could change the way movies are promoted and the way fans connect with the movies they love.”


Full Metal Jacket Diary is available to download now from iTunes, priced at £10.49.

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