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Sean Patrick Flannery played Indiana Jones as a younger man in the two season TV show, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (the shows were re-edited for DVD release as The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones). When he won the part through auditions the first thing he had to do was to get a passport for the large scale overseas filming that was to take place.

The show was critically lauded, but, perhaps due to expense, or ratings, only lasted two seasons. Flannery told Movieweb.com:

“Some of the best, well-done things don’t last that long. You have to make for the masses and, from the first episode, people just really didn’t get in or plug into it. I think the continuity, it always had a different director, so you never really knew what you were tuning into. I think there are a lot of inherint problems with doing a TV series. If Simon Wincer is doing a horrific battle of the sun, which is gory and gas masks and flames coming out of the trenches, and Terry Jones is doing a non-sensical Monty Python version, from week to week, you really don’t know. It’s difficult to keep an audience like that. With Seinfeld, you’re tuning in to Seinfeld. You pretty much know, every week, what you’re going to see, so in that respect, I don’t think it’s rocket science to understand that’s going to be a tough sell to the masses, every seven days. I think it’s, without question, one of the most worthy television programs that’s ever been aired.”

Here’s a Clara Darko tribute to his role in the show. Look out for some nods to later Harrison Ford moments.

And here’s how Harrison Ford appeared as an older Indy in a flash forward during the show (Kevin Kline, anyone?):

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