John’s VERY Mini Review of 2012 in Film

From the outset I should make it clear that as a Dad (and a lazy bastard) I didn’t get to the cinema as much as I would have liked this year. This list is purely based on the films I saw, not ALL the films that were out in 2012. Sorry about that.

Anyway. Let us begin.

Best Score:


David Arnold was moved aside (he was also busy with the Olympics) and Thomas Newman was brought in for the latest Bond instalment. He didn’t disappoint and offered a Bond score that had all the Barry-esque brash cues and lush melodies, as well as feeling modern and fresh.

Runner-up: The Amazing Spider-Man. James Horner once again bringing a cohesive score and an actual heroic anthem to a super-hero movie.

Best Scene:

The Raid: Redemption – Any of the fight scenes

The Raid was such a gas. It had everything you could possibly want in a action movie, and perhaps a little more to boot. The scene that sticks long in the memory is the grenade in the fridge scene, but as that isn’t on You Tube, I will go with the Smackdown scene instead.

Runner up: The Return of Batman from The Dark Knight Rises

My Top 5 films of 2012

1. The Dark Knight Rises

What else can be said about this film that I didn’t already say in my review?

“It is the brilliant apex of a glorious trilogy. You could not wish for a better end to this wonderful enterprise. Nolan brought Batman back from the dead in 2005 with Batman Begins, in 2008 he did the same with the Joker. Now he toys with the comic hero film blueprint itself. The hero’s journey is more complex and stretched. As a story it is more Rocky III than Batman Forever and I for one am eternally grateful that Nolan ever got involved with Batman.”

2. Skyfall

Loved it. Up to a point. I said:

“The film itself is a real return to “Bond values”. We have the perfect balance of hard nosed action and humorous exchanges. No clunky “I thought Christmas only came once a year” style jokes and no John Cleese pissing about with beverage cup holders. There is even a joke from Q mocking the silly gadgets of the past. That is how great this world is now.

Skyfall is the Bond film we were all waiting for, up to a point. It has the thrills, the exotic locations, the spills and lots of action, however it lacks the epic climax it is leading us towards.”

3. The Avengers

The film that we were all fearing. With each Marvel movie of the last few years being pumped full of “wait until you see The Avengers” easter eggs – and ruining them in the process, I think we all feared the worst. However the final product is a real viewing pleasure. By ensuring that all of the many characters get their time in the sun and each have a killer line of dialogue, Joss Whedon proves once again that he is pretty much the best film writer out there and not a bad director either.

4. The Raid: Redemption

A non stop roller-coaster of awesome fight scenes and choreography. A real triumph of an action film. Each and every beat of action was perfect and each and every punch and kick takes your breath away. Shame it is heading for a remake.

5. The Amazing Spider-Man

A lot of people didn’t like this film. I mean a lot. I loved it.

“Tonight I saw The Amazing Spider-Man and I fucking loved it. In fact I loved every second of it. I loved it so much I want to see it again right now.

“I found myself driving home tonight and trying to imagine what it is exactly that people didn’t like about it? I am still scratching my head now. Possibly the in the same way that I did when I found out that people liked Spider-Man 2.

“The fact that I saw it in IMAX 3D may have helped, but not too much. Yes it added to the overall experience, but this cannot be the sole reason. That would be like saying you enjoyed a book because you read it in a comfortable chair with good lighting. No my friends, the truth is that I loved The Amazing Spider-Man because it nailed it. It perfectly nailed what Spider-Man/Peter Parker is. Exciting.”

Honourable mentions:

Cabin in the Woods – a meta-horror that had its cake and ate it. Smart, inventive and very original while all the time being derivative.

Moonrise Kingdom

I am an unashamed fan of Wes Anderson and I loved Moonrise Kingdom. It wasn’t his best film by any means, but I enjoyed it immensely.

Biggest Disappointment:

What the FUCK is going on?


I hated this film. I hated that it was so arrogant and lazy. Yes it looked nice, but it just couldn’t be bothered to tell a cohesive and interesting story.

“Ridley Scott spent a long time raging against the dreadful AVP films. This is fine as his entry to the “franchise” started it all and defined how science fiction films would look for the next 20 years. However, Prometheus is not something to be proud of.  It is neither interesting nor scary. It raises more questions than answers and has an ending that doesn’t know what it wants to do. Does it want to leave you with the vague feeling that there is more to come, or throw an Alien looking thing at you and leave you with no doubt as to what will follow?”

Runner up: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I am still highly disappointed with the first forty minutes of the film. It has been annoying me since I saw it. It seems that since Peter Jackson lost all that weight he seems determined to make his creative output full of the flab he lost. Both King Kong and The Hobbit need a studio standing over Jackson tapping the watch and an editor with a gun to his head. Sadly Jackson has complete control and seemingly no discipline. Not a terrible film. A lot of it was great, just mainly disappointing.

So there you have it. My very brief selection. I hope you enjoyed it (I don’t give a fuck).

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