Kubrick Homages Within Spielberg’s A.I: Artificial Intelligence


It’s well known that Stanley Kubrick was a director who nurtured projects for a long time before even committing to film them. AI: Artificial Intelligence is the most well known of his projects that never got off the ground under his own steam, although Steven Spielberg completed the work under his aegis from beyond the grave in 2001, appropriately.

Jan Harlan, Kubrick’s brother-in-law, collaborator and guiding hand of his estate, stated of the two directors, “They are both great writers but they have different handwriting. They are similar in their intellect. They are both very fast and very, very bright. He and Spielberg spoke all the time. I have six or seven years’ worth of correspondence between them over AI.” 

According to Harlan, Kubrick at one point intimated to Spielberg that he should direct it, while Kubrick produced. A fascinating “what if?” collaboration to consider.

Now a new video by French filmmaker Candice Drouet highlights Spielberg’s Kubrick “easter egg” homages to the great director’s earlier films in certain shots. Check it out below.



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