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movies_xmas_gift_guides_2012_8T shirts these days seem to be getting more obscure and vague by the day. You often see people walking around with an arty picture of a city, with the name of the city written underneath – just in case you didn’t know what the city was. This is where T shirts can often go wrong, there is no room for subtlety any more, everything has to be spelled out. Same goes with most film T shirts. You may see a nice logo or image from a favourite film on a shirt, but more often than not the name of the film is then plastered across it too. What if you don’t want that? What if you want to wear the name of your favourite fictional bar, company or biker gang without spoiling the view with rubbish typefaces?

Well why didn’t you say so? You should visit

When I see someone wearing a Last Exit T-shirt I want to stop and point like Donald Sutherland at the end of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, or at the very least high five them for their extraordinarily good taste, for Last Exit shirts truly are a beautiful thing. Other sites may say that they can do film related t shirts, but where Last Exit are different is that they give you that subtle aspect from a film (a logo that you barely noticed or a company name tucked away at the back of a scene), and make a shirt out of it without heavy handedly branding the heck out of it . You can wear your geek pride on your shirt and have the joy of pointing out what the shirt means and where it comes from.

Last Exit have had celebrity endorsements (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Ed Byrne and Duncan Jones have either worn or sung their praises) and you will quite often spot other well known people ringing the bell by wearing one – like Gareth Edwards just the other day.

I caught up with the Last Exit to Nowhere founder, Mike Ford, to ask him some highly probing questions:


1) You chaps are the best film T-shirt makers out there that I know of, ever. Where did it all begin?

Thanks John, I’m glad you think of us as the best film T-shirt makers. I’d been in and out of various graphic design agencies for over 15 years, and the time came when I decided I wanted to work for myself. I’ve always had the means to produce my own T-shirts and have designed all kinds of apparel for myself based upon popular references, including old arcade games, band t-shirts and subtle references from films. One of the first film inspired T-shirts I made, many years before Last Exit to Nowhere, was an homage to The Hudsucker Proxy, utilising the Hudsucker Industries logo seen in the film. It occurred to me whilst cycling to work, that if I like wearing these subtle nods to my favourite films, other people might too.


2) What are your backgrounds?

Graphic Design, Photography, Theatre and Punk Rock


3) What is your set up? Do you have loads of designers working around the clock Simpsons style? Are you based in an underground bunker or a hollowed out volcano?

We’re in the middle of nowhere, halfway between somewhere and nowhere. I like the idea of an underground bunker with designers working around the clock, but the reality is really quite different. Great customer service is paramount to us and we have a small team that deal with the day to day running of things. I tend to do most of the design and advertising work, unless a particular  illustrative style is required.



4) For one I am very exited that you are doing a Return of the Living Dead T-shirt. How do you choose which films to “pick on”?


I pick films that I like as a rule. Occasionally we’ll be asked to do T-shirts for upcoming films too.


5) Do you accept suggestions from customers? Can you be bought?

We get many suggestions and welcome every single one of them. Last Exit to Nowhere is a community of like-minded film enthusiasts,created by fans, for fans.


6) What is your favourite film? Is there one film of LETN staff that is the “Daddy”?


It’s impossible for me to have an all-time favourite, I like films for so many different reasons. My favourite this year, from what I’ve seen so far, has been Calvary  staring Brendan Gleeson.


7) I am starting to see your shirts everywhere now, that must be very pleasing?

It’s great to see fellow film enthusiasts wearing our T-shirts. We’re still only a small collective, but our voices are being heard!


8) What next? Framed posters? Lunchboxes? Global domination?

Global Thermonuclear War. Shall we play a game?


9) You sometimes are involved in marketing new releases (A Field in England etc). Is that something you have enjoyed?

Yes! We absolutely love being involved with upcoming films. It’s always a massive privilege for us to be considered.


10) Finally, any clues on future “targets” coming up?

If you see a target, use the force.


Thanks Mike. Carry on the good work. Go and visit www. and tell them I sent you!

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