Mad Max Beyond Gift Shop: The Outback Museum

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Adrian Bennett’s world is fire. And blood. Not content with visiting the Australian outback locations of his beloved Mad Max films, when he discovered to his surprise there was nothing there to pay homage to the iconic films (the second one in particular being his favourite) the crazy lug then made it his mission in life to uproot his wife and family from Britain and purchase a house and land in  Silverton, six hours travel time from where they first settled in the more civilized Adelaide.

He told Vice:

“The museum is all Mad Max 2 purely because that’s the only Mad Max movie that was shot here, so anything from the other two movies would not really be relevant to the area.”

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His obsession first began when he first saw the films aged 18, and was hooked. “I couldn’t believe what I had just seen, the effect they had on me was incredible. They were the most unique, original films I had ever seen… and Australian! They seemed to just grab a hold of me and not let go. I couldn’t think straight, all I thought about from then on were these two films. Who made them? Who were the actors?”

In 2000, he purchased an Australian Falcon Coupe from Texas, had it shipped to GB,and customised it, Mad Max style, into the V8 Interceptor.

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When he , his wife and sons first visited on his pilgrimage, “We arrived in Broken Hill, then headed out to Silverton for the sunset at the Mundi Mundi lookout, location for the opening chase and climax of the movie. It was breathtaking. It was at that point I knew I needed to live there, it felt like I had come home.

So after a long two years, we eventually moved to Adelaide, which was part of the visa requirements, but I spent most of my spare time travelling the six hours to Broken Hill and Silverton.”

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They eventually purchased a house originally built in 1887 and renovated it, before he began to create his Mad Max 2 Museum on the ample land that came with it (the museum is dedicated only to the sequel as it was the only film in the series filmed in the area). It opened in 2010 and is constantly growing with further sourced memorabilia and props.


A lot of original stuff we have on display is either purchased, loaned, or donated by either people who ended up with bits and pieces or people who worked on the film. Some other items I’ve found out at the locations by just [rummaging] around.”

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Here’s hoping he’s as Furiosa-ly impressed with Mad Max: Fury Road!

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