Mad Max: Fury Road – We Don’t (?) Need Another Tribute

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It’s been a week. Still thinking about how amazing Mad Max: Fury Road is? You’re not alone. Dedicated maniacs, including massive movie geek and funnyman Patton Oswalt have been putting their own tributes together, and we’ve compiled a few for you below, including Patton’s “deleted scene” where he played Immortan Joe’s “stand-up comedian”…

Here’s a supercut of all the POV shots from the first three Mad Max films:

And someone’s cut Tom Hardy’s road warrior adventure into Tina Turner’s “We Don’t Need Another Hero” video for Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome:

George Miller provided a “slash dupe” print to composer Brian May so that he could start working on the score to Mad Max 2 as soon as possible. This print was made as cheap as possible, i.e it was a black and white version of the movie. Miller loved it:

I saw the black and white I thought ‘Oh, my god!’ It just reduces it to this really gutsy high-[contrast] black and white – very, very powerful.”

Inspired by this, he has apparently insisted on a B&W cut being included on the Mad Max: Fury Road Blu ray. Someone has de-coloured the trailer as a taster:

And here is a crackly VHS -style trailer for all the films in the series:

One of the best, and most fun – Mario Kart Fury Road:

And what about Star Wars: The Furiosa Awakens?

Another ’80’s style faded trailer, complete with dated synth score:



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