Paradise – A Prometheus / Alien: Covenant Fan Edit

If, like many (misguided souls, in my opinion!), you were disappointed by both Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, here’s a remedy that combines the best of both, while leaving out some of the “silly” stuff. Vimeo user Daniel aka Job Willins, who previously created a brilliant mash-up of Alien and Prometheus entitled Derelict, has worked his magic again with Ridley Scott’s latest films in the Alien pantheon.

Writing on his blog, Daniel says,

“Half of it (Covenant) felt like a Prometheus sequel and the other half an Alien prequel. In my opinion, it didn’t fully succeed in either role. I enjoyed parts of Covenant very much, as I did Prometheus. But also much like Prometheus, it ended on an intriguing promise of a sequel, a sequel that may never come thanks to its relatively poor box office performance.

Paradise is an editing project combining Prometheus and Alien: Covenant into a single, David-centric narrative. The goal was to intercut material from both films to tell a story in a way that favors the strengths of both. With a runtime of about 2.5 hours, I aimed to enhance much of the excitement and mystery from the two films by unfolding them in parallel and playing them off one-another.
This method also allowed opportunities to emphasize the major theme of creator/creation relationship that runs through both stories and hopefully achieve a unique viewing experience rather than merely a significantly abridged double-feature.

Some content from deleted scenes and marketing materials from both films have been used, as well as additional music which is credited at the end of the film. Finally, thanks to everyone on Twitter who gave me feedback on earlier cuts. This really helped me shape the current cut (version 1.1).”

For my money, this edit really works and ties the two films together beautifully. I love the beginning with Peter Wayland’s TED talk from the Prometheus viral campaign, before beginning with the “birth” of David from Covenant. This scene is broken up throughout Paradise to help underscore the arc of David’s mordant preoccupation with creation (and destruction). A key line from Prometheus that I was pleased to see inserted into Daniel’s use of “The Crossing” (another viral segment, from Covenant‘s release campaign) when the paranoid android releases the black goo canisters on the Engineers in an aerial bombardment, is “The trick is not minding that it hurts” (from his inspiration, Lawrence Of Arabia). Daniel’s alternate song cues are also inspired, particularly at the end, underscoring David’s wickedly acerbic wit.

You can watch it via Vimeo (password – flutelessons), or Google drive. Trailer below. Bravo, Daniel! You have symphonies in you, brother!


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