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Have we got a treat for you! In 2003, an in-depth documentary with loads of interviews and behind the scenes goodies on the BBC1 science-fiction series Blake’s 7 was made for the DVD box set, but for some reason it was never included in the final release.

Blake’s 7 ran on TV from 1978 to 1981. Created by Terry nation, it told the story of political dissident Roj Blake (Gareth Thomas) and the crew of the Liberator, an alien ship they hijack while being shipped from Earth to a penal colony. Using this vessel, they wage war on the totalitarian Federation. What the show lacked in special effects, it made up for with brilliant characters, and acidic one liners, especially between bickering, sardonic Avon (Paul Darrow), a cold-blooded brainiac, and Vila (Michael Keating), abject coward and master thief.

The line up changed over the years, and so did the ship – Liberator fell victim to a space fungus(!) and broke apart, seemingly with arch villainess Servalan (Jacqueline Pearce) aboard. She turned up later, masquerading as another Federation enemy (looking just the same!) while the heroes were relegated to the less sexy ship, Scorpio.

The doc includes such gems as Gareth Thomas recalling running into the crew of Doctor Who filming around the corner in the same quarry pit, and the cast and crew having to scrub down after filming in a working nuclear  power station.

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We have three parts, covering the first three series. I presume Part 4, covering the final series and that iconic scene of Avon standing over Blake’s body, surrounded by Federation troops, will be added just as soon as the doc creator, Kevin Jon Davies, puts it up on his YouTube channel. In the meantime, enjoy the rest.

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UPDATE: Kevin Jon Davies has contacted io9, who also ran this and credited us as the source, to say that sadly there is NO part 4, due to disputes between the BBC and the licence holder B7E as he began to prepare for it. Sob! Still, at least the licence holder has no objection to the remaining parts being posted.

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