Ripley, An Alien 3 / Alien: Resurrection Fan Edit

Alien Ripley title

Here’s another great fan re-edit by @jobwillins (AKA Daniel), the creator of Derelict, the Alien / Prometheus mash-up. Daniel states:

After the positive reception to Derelict (my Prometheus/Alien mashup), I decided to take a look at the least-loved of the proper Alien series. Ripley is an editing project that blends Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection. I used footage from the theatrical & extended editions of both films to focus on the tragedy and eventual triumph of Ellen Ripley through a time-shifting narrative.

alien ripley

Although the two films were only made a few years apart, their tone and visual style are significantly different. On the visual side, I used black & white again to both blend the material and to make a unique viewing experience. To help with tone, sequences with over-the-top action from Alien: Resurrection were either unused or re-edited and many dialogue scenes were refashioned.

alien ripley 3

I won’t go into all the choices I made, but with a running time of about 2 hours, I was very selective in what scenes were used from both films, as well as how certain sequences were re-edited. There’s roughly 45 minutes of Alien: Resurrection and 1 hour 15 minutes of Alien 3 in Ripley.

alien ripley 2

And here it is! I had the pleasure of viewing this before it went live, and I can say that Daniel has done a wonderful job. As he states above, he has wisely refashioned the weaker of the two films into a wider, more nuanced narrative, focusing on the tragedy of Ripley. But yes, the best part of Alien Resurrection has been retained – the underwater alien chase! Enjoy.

UPDATE: As it was with Derelict, Ripley has been removed from Vimeo. You can now download it via, or view it here (password is eightyfive).


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