Rogue Cut: A Rogue One Super-Trailer

star wars rogue one death star

Here is another excellent trailer re-edit from Nick Hedenbeck, creator of Luke Skywalker’s Journey To The Force, and other edits based on trailer footage from The Force Awakens, featured on this site.

Nick has combined all the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story available footage so far, from the initial teaser, the Star Wars Celebration reel, and the latest trailer. He’s even inserted some audio from the Star Wars radio drama:

The Super Trailer contains a few Easter Eggs from the Radio Dramatization of A New Hope which starts out prior to the beginning of the film. In the beginning, we hear Bail Organa (named Prestor Organa in the Radio Drama) saying: -The Empire has a secret project on the way. They’ve codenamed it… The Death Star. This is lifted from a conversation between Leia and her father.

At around 21 seconds in you can hear radio chatter saying: -There’s an ambush on… This is from a diversion created by the rebels to get one soldier through to make first contact with Princess Leia.

And at 25 seconds in: -Come in Skyhook, come in Skyhook. Skyhook is Leia’s/Tantive IV’s call sign when the rebels make final contact to deliver the plans.




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