Rogue One: A War Story(s)


Star Wars trailer re-editor supreme Nick Hedenbeck of Twitter account @NickSkywalk and @StarWarsAlert has been at work again. This time, instead of merely re-editing all the existing Rogue One footage so far, he’s created what he calls Rogue One: A War Story, with the emphasis on the escalating tension and action – the ticking watch from Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk trailer sets things up nicely. Underscoring that is the breathing of rebels rushing to battle (should have inserted the “I’m not leaving!” guy from Apocalypse Now as they disembark the U-Wing!) and those sirens.  It contains footage from:

-The Official Rogue One trailers.
-The Gillette Rogue One commercial.
-The Duracell Rogue One commercial.
-The Dunkirk Announcement Trailer.
-The Revenant Teaser Trailer.
-The Awakening, a Star Wars Tribute song by composer Christian Baczyk.

Anyway, check it out below.

And because we can’t get enough of Nick’s edits, here’s his latest, incorporating more goodness from further released international trailers, entitled Rogue One: Dream on.

This Mashup contains trailer content from the following films:
-Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
-13 Hours
-Ghost in the Shell
-Kong Skull Island
-The Finest Hours
It also contains excerpts from The Gillette Rogue One commercial, and music from Ennio Morricone – Ecstasy of Gold, Metallica – Halo on Fire, John Williams – Imperial March

And it doesn’t stop there! The more footage is released, the more goodies Nick comes up with. Here’s another “War Story” edit, featuring content from:

-The Official Rogue One trailers.
-The Star Wars Radio Drama
-The Hacksaw Ridge trailers.

And with yet more footage being released daily in T.V spots and whatnot (apparently half of these shots won’t even appear in the film in the way you’ve seen them so far, so much coverage having been completed), that Nick has rustled up another treat, this time entitled “War Zone.” Look out for the K2-SO snippet at the very end, a genuinely brilliant bit of levity after the grim battle scenes.

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