Scene Is Believing: Chasing The Red Dragon


Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon has been adapted for the screen three times, as Michael Mann’s Manhunter (1986), Brett Ratner’s Red Dragon (2002) and for NBC, Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal (2013-2015) – the latter playing more freely and artfully with the relationship between its eponymous, cannibalistic psychopath and Will Graham, the FBI profiler who catches him.

All three share the same scene, wherein Graham visits the incarcerated Hannibal to ostensibly seek his insights to catch the “Red Dragon” killer, known to police and the press as “The Tooth Fairy”. In reality, Graham is hoping to recover the mindset of a killer by being in the presence of the most notorious one he helped put away.

In “Recovering The Mindset”, Matthew Morettini has cut the same scene from all three adaptations together, as an exercise in comparing framing, differences in shots, cut-aways and so on. As he says:

Most of the dialogue from the three adaptations come directly from the source novel so it was possible to seamlessly recreate the scene using the three productions.”

Fancy an insight into the film-makers method? “You want the scent? Smell yourself!”

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