Scene Is Believing: Parallel Hit-Lives

gunmen in glass houses

Below is another great video by Michael McLennan, entitled Gunmen In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Shadows – A parallel edit of a climactic scene from Michael Mann’s Collateral with the Shanghai sequence from Sam Mendes’ Skyfall.

Michael draws attention to visual parallels and pacing in each scene:

“Both directors and their lensers (Dion Beebe and Roger Deakins respectively) pushed much of the storytelling into a wordless space, showing great confidence in the power of underlit or silhouette images. It’s the Mann sequence that relies more on dialogue but is also the more adventurous in its exploration of the low light threshold. Skyfall is unmistakably the more stylish (nice callback to the title sequence with the backlight from jellyfish graphics), Collateral the more immersively-real with its underexposed grain and sparse practicals.”

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