Scene Of The Crime: Return Of The Jedi’s “Jedi Rocks”

jedi rocks

Imagine Martin Scorsese  takes the head staggers and makes an anniversary redux of his crime classic, Mean Streets. Harvey Keitel’s Charlie looks up from his drink as De Niro’s Johnny Boy enters the hellishly red tinted bar in atmospheric slow-mo, only, instead of being accompanied by the amazing Jumpin’ Jack Flashhis debut is marked by Elton John’s uptempo I Just Can’t Wait To Be King. It takes you right out of the film, doesn’t it?

A lot of Star Wars fans felt the same way when George Lucas tampered with the trilogy for the 1997 Special Editions. Especially when he replaced the musical number in Jabba’s Palace for Return of The Jedi. Originally, Max Reebo’s combo are grooving a mellow little number called Lapti Nek (translation: Work It Out), that wouldn’t sound out of place in one of the clubs Vince Vaughan and the gang crash in the sublime LA underground club / dating comedy, Swingers. The number was composed by John Williams, his son Joseph, lead singer of Toto, and Carl Ernie Fosselius. While the band, lead up front by Sy Snootles, resembling an alien pot bellied stork with a rouged anteater appendage work the room, Jabba’s bored, lascivious gaze falls upon unfortunate dancing girl Twi’lek. Now, her fate is almost an afterthought.

From 1997 on, an overkill, CGI earworm of a sequence kills any subtlety stone dead. Lapti Nek has been replaced by Jedi Rocks (the very title is nonsensical – why would Jabba tolerate a song celebrating his enemy?). It’s an over the top, bluesy rock number featuring hideous CGI closeups of Snootles lips, and a gaze down the phlegm covered gullet of her new accompanist, Joh Yowza, a Yuzzum. I guess his arched back, wide open belting is supposed to resemble Joe Cocker.Here are each of the numbers, for now – before Disney remove them. Which do your prefer?

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