‘Scuse Me While I whip This Out – Indiana Jones And His Unusual Weapon

I’m not quite sure if there was a single inspiration for Indiana Jones’ use of a bullwhip – maybe the Zorro serials. Whatever the thought process, its use in Raiders Of The Lost Ark and subsequent films has become iconic.

Whether he’s using it to snatch a gun out of a treacherous guide’s hand, hold back an angry crowd, swing across a cavernous hole, or tug his Willie (er, where are we going with this? – Ed) the leather bullwhip has become an intrinsic part of the Indiana Jones look, and mythos.

“While the story gave great scope for the use of the whip, it never became a distraction. Rather it became a recognized part of the Indiana Jones character and an ongoing factor maintaining the suspense of the story. The superb use of the whip in developing the story lines in these movies undoubtedly contributed to their success,” said David Morgan, who supplied more than 30 whips for the film series (the original was the property of stunt coordinator Glenn Randall).

Anyway, why not snap a look at the video below which celebrates the varied uses of Indy’s trusty bullwhip in the films.

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