Spectre – Review


There is a moment during the opening titles of Spectre that says more than it probably more than it meant to.  We see a topless Bond, sitting down and being helplessly smothered by an octopus – this is quite possibly the most fitting metaphor I can find for what is wrong with Spectre. At its core, it is a fantastic Bond film, it is littered with Mankiewicz-esque eccentricities, brilliant moments of surreal humour and the kind of “other-world” qualities that we love about classic Bond. However, these moments are smothered by a silly, flimsy and totally unnecessary B-plot that feels like it is lifted wholesale from a Marvel film.

Sadly that fantastic Bond film struggles for about 100 minutes of the running time to get out from underneath this lumbering and predictable B-plot and ultimately gives up for the last twenty minutes – which gives us the most pathetic and listless climax to a Bond film that I can ever remember seeing. It feels very much like they had no idea at all how to end it and just made it up on the day.

The things that Spectre gets right, it gets VERY right, the action, the car chases, the insanely good fight sequence and the villain. However it manages to fluff everything else with a baffling script and a B-plot that feels very tacked on wholly unnecessary.

I strongly believe that one day, when the dust has settled and everyone has calmed down, these Craig Bond films will be remembered in much the same way as Raimi’s Spider-Man films as ultimately not being that great. In fact Spectre reminded me of Superman Returns in that it looked like a Bond film, felt like a Bond film, but was ultimately hollow, felt very broken and has nowhere else to go.

There is no doubt (given how well it will obviously do at the box-office) James Bond will return, but let’s hope and pray he is no longer HAUNTED BY HIS PAST ™.

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