Spy-Fi, Oh My – Alias’ Kick-Ass Sydney Bristow

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In honour of the trailer for the awesome Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, here’s a Carla Darko tribute to producer J.J. Abrams’ TV super agent, Sydney Bristow of Alias, played with gusto by Jennifer Garner.

While it’s great to see so many tough and resourceful women in the Mission: Impossible series, precious few get to headline their own adventures. J.J. told the New York Times that she’ll always hold a special place in his heart:

“She was a character with a secret, and that is always a fun place to start. But she wasn’t a superhero; she was terrified at almost every step. But still, she would do the right thing. I think we would all like to believe we would behave like that when the going gets rough.”

The show may have gone through many convolutions, meandering misdirections and seeming abandonments of macguffins and plot points (SD6, Da Vinci-like inventor and prophet Carlo Rambaldi, the Mueller Device) but Sydney was the one constant – a tough agent with a heart who got the job done, a believer in truth and justice – who also got to kick Quentin Tarantino in that banana jaw. Now who hasn’t wanted to do that?


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