Star Wars The Force Awakens: A Scoundrel’s Mantle

star wars the force awakens it's true

With each further glimpse of Star Wars The Force Awakens it’s clear that there is no reset button in the galaxy far, far away to a peaceful Republic redux. Indeed, with the revelation that Luke Skywalker is missing, and there is a sort of “death cult” that idolises Darth Vader, led by the sinister Kylo Ren, the new evil First Order’s attack dog, things are almost as messed up as when our plucky band of rebels fought the Empire last time round. “Didn’t we just leave this party?” as a certain smuggler once quipped. And that brings me to the most surprising volte-face in the new film – Han Solo is a believer.

Yes, the cynic who saw all kinds of crazy stuff from one end of the galaxy to the other, but never believed an all-powerful Force controlled his destiny, now tells Fin and Rey, our next generation of heroes that “It’s true. All of it. The Force. The Dark Side. A Jedi. They’re real.” Crucially, A Jedi, singular – he never saw a new Jedi order rise under Luke Skywalker’s tutelage, never experienced their like in the last days of The Republic either. Once again, our heroes are treading mystic waters, and Han is now the elder statesman, filling their heads with half-glimpsed, half remembered wonder: “Before the dark times. Before the First Order,” you might say. Interestingly, as with Ben Kenobi and a young, wide-eyed Luke, Han opens the door to this legendary past (“There were stories,“ Rey presses) in his “home”, the Millennium Falcon. Instead of passing on a lightsaber, he opens some sort of holographic star-map – intriguing.

This simple little moment and mirroring reinforces the fairy tale feel and adventurous spirit of George Lucas’s original tale. Below is a fantastic re-interpretation of the final trailer as “Han’s flashback” by @NickSkywalk – as his words kick in, over that spine-tingling arrangement (by others) of John William’s music (including The Princess And The Scoundrel, no less) the Millennium Falcon jumps back through hyperspace to familiar, epic moments in the original trilogy. And is that Leia’s voice at the very end, urging Rey to embrace the Force? – “Just let it in…” As a bonus, we’ve included the re-edit by James Darling for @ScienceVs.Cinema of all the teaser and main trailer footage too.

The film’s release can’t come soon enough.

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