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Via The Art Of VFX, here is a great effects reel showcasing ILM’s VFX work on Star Wars The Force Awakens. Did you know that out of 2,500 shots in the film, the majority of those had some amount of digital effects? Studio Daily has an interesting interview with the effects Supervisor Roger Guyett. In it, they address the perception that effects work in the film comprised of a few spaceships and wire removal:

“We could be flattered by the benign dismissal of a massive piece of work,” he replied. “It’s flattering that people want to believe what they see. If we managed to achieve that, then we’ve succeeded. But 2,100 of the 2,500 shots in the film had digital effects. Hundreds of people [digital effects artists] worked on the show.

In the first Star Wars, when people watched the X-wing flying down the trench, did audiences think that was really happening? Did they believe it was a real X-wing flying? A model of an X-wing flying? What was their understanding of how real that was? Was it more real because the model was part of our world? Is that what people mean by real, a tactile thing? These are philosophical questions that you have to consider when you’re doing a visual effects movie.”

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UPDATE – Disney have pulled the reel, so in its place, is this video with screenshots. But! We also have a newer effects shots highlight reel, that hopefully won’t get pulled. For a more indepth look at ILM’s effects work, head over to FX Guide, from which we’ve pulled the Maz’s castle reel above.


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