Star Wars The Force Awakens: The Score

star wars the force awakens jj williams

Now that  Star Wars The Force Awakens is on general release, Disney and LucasFilm have released John Williams’ sublime score, avoiding spoilers by not releasing it earlier. The soundtrack is one hour and 17 minutes, and includes  music for the alien menagerie of Maz Kanata’s hideaway, written by Broadway composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, in collaboration with director J.J. Abrams.

Williams expounds on his thematic ideas in  apiece with The L.A Times. On Rey’s theme, a lilting piece of flute, piano and celeste:

It’s an interesting challenge with her, because it doesn’t suggest a love theme in any way. It suggests a female adventurer, but with great strength. She’s a fighter, she’s infused with the Force, and it needed to be something that was strong but thoughtful.”

On nuanced baddie Kylo Ren:

“There’s a more ruminative part that is usually done softly, I don’t think it portrays any particular weakness, but possibly hesitancy. But then there’s the motif that’s often strong, that seems to be the embodiment of evil. I thought that it should be a relative of Darth Vader, but also something entirely different in terms of melody.”

Williams has never grown tired or resentful of the love shown for his keystone work on the Star Wars saga. “I can only say that I’m enormously grateful people have embraced this music, and it’s brought them to orchestral music in the way that it has for many younger people. I don’t make a particular distinction between ‘high art’ and ‘low art.’ Music is there for everybody. It’s a river we can all put our cups into, and drink it, and be sustained by it.”

Without further ado we have the score for you below. As Abrams says of Williams’ work, “He knows how to make your heart soar like no one else.”  Just let it in…

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