Steadicam “Impossible Shots” Demo Video


garret brown steadicam

Via The Hollywood Reporter, here is the first public look at a demo reel entitled 30 Impossible Shots, created by the inventor of the Steadicam, Garrett Brown.

Garrett, who had been making films and shorts for Sesame Street back in 1974, created the Steadycam for use then, but soon realised it had potentially wider, more exciting applications. He created the following reel, using his wife and a friend, to demonstrate what could be achieved fluidly without the need for dolly tracks and such. The video was sent to Hollywood, and was eagerly passed around many studios and directors.

I could show up with a demo reel of 30 impossible shots, obviously impossible to anybody that knew anything, and not give them a clue of how it was done,” said Brown. “So showing up with a reel just knocked down the doors. It just floored everybody.”

It was of course championed by Stanley Kubrick in The Shining. Kubrick telexed Brown, “Demo reel on hand held mystery stabilizer was spectacular and you can count on me as a customer. It should revolutionize the way films are shot.” 

John Avildsen, director of Rocky, was so impressed with the sequence of Brown’s wife being shadowed up and down the steps of Philadelphia’s Art Museum that he recreated it for Sylvester Stallone’s triumphal jogging climax through the city.




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