danger mouse

Crikey DM! David Jason’s Tribute To Cosgrove hall

The relaunched Danger Mouse cartoon has seemingly won over a new generation of fans, and allayed fears of those who fondly remember the adventures of Britain’s other greatest secret agent, voiced by David Jason, and his bumbling assistant, Penfold (Terry Scott). So this is as good a time as any to listen to David Jason’s radio […]

private snafu

Saving Private Snafu

Did you know there were adult cartoons, outside of the prim strictures of Hollywood censorship, during World War II? If you were a civvie, however, you couldn’t get to see them. I suppose you could call that “Catch- Snafu” – after the hapless G.I Private Snafu, created by children’s favourite Dr Seuss, to both entertain […]

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