blast it biggs

Blast It Biggs! Where Are You? Garrick Hagon on his Curtailed Role In Star Wars

For Star Wars Day, May The Fourth, our friend Jamie Benning has released another of his shorter form Filmumentaries, this time based around an interview with Garrick Hagon, the actor who played Luke Skywalker’s best friend from Tattooine, Biggs Darklighter. As we all know, Hagon’s role was drastically cut back, George Lucas feeling the Anchorhead […]

biggs darklighter

Unsung Heroes: Biggs Darklighter

They say that heroes are born, not made. Sadly, some heroes end up on the cutting room floor. This month’s unsung hero is Biggs Darklighter, Luke’s Tatooine pal, the rebel with the shortest ever career path, and proud bearer of the baddest ‘tache outside of Magnum P.I. Before the Special Edition Star Wars release in […]

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