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A Misleading Study In Melancholy: The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford

“Yeah, just ain’t no peace with old Jesse around.” Defiantly uncommercial, from the King James bible cadence of its players victoriana valedictions, to the shaggy dog narrative of an outlaw folk hero’s last days, that stretches on beyond his titular killing – even Terrence Malick called this film slow. Yet this badly marketed 2007 film […]


Review: Fury

Let’s get one thing clear – David Ayer’s Fury is no-holds barred violence, an immersive attempt to show the sheer bloody hell of what is was like to be a Sherman tank crew in the waning days and hours of WWII, when Hitler threw every man, woman and child into the frontline, a veritable gotterdammerung […]

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