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Triple Bill: Real Human Beings, Or Counterfeit Lives: Thief, To Live And Die In L.A, And Drive

The following three crime dramas share a commonality of purpose and style, in the electro-pop tracked machinations of their flawed players. Three testosterone fuelled templates of urban male machismo – Michael Mann’s Thief (1979), William Friedkin’s To Live And Die In L.A (1985), and Nicolas Winding Refn’s ’80’s tinged love letter to both, Drive (2011). […]


Folk Singer with a Cat: Inside Llewyn Davis

Folk singer with a cat. You queer? Over the last thirty years, the Coen bros have served us treat after treat, we have become spoiled. With each new release they show more and more how important they really are to lovers of film and how vast and chasm-like their imaginations and inspirations can be. Their filmography […]


Scene Of The Crime: Drive

Love In An Elevator, Livin’ It Up When I’m Goin’ Down Driver (Ryan Gosling), the stoic, monotone, toothpick chewing doomed hero of Nicolas Winding Refn’s cool, eighties-riffing neo-noir Drive, is an enigma. A blank slate from an unexamined troubled past,  a James Dean / Richard Gere a-like driver for the movies, who seeks to be “a real […]

far from th emadding crowd

Review: Far From The Madding Crowd

A brilliant adaptation of Hardy’s classic. Visually sumptuous, charming, and poignant. Carey Mulligan (Bathsheba Everdene) and Matthias Schoenaerts (Gabriel Oak) shine as the will they / won’t they lovers, seperated by pride and changing social order. Shout outs also for Michael Sheen as besotted, unbalanced wealthy farmer William Bolderwood, and Tom Sturridge’s vain gadfly sergeant […]

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