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Guilty Pleasures – Superman 3

Superman 3 is not a film about Superman. It’s a film about Gus Gorman. Gus is the everyman antithesis of Superman: nobody knows him, nobody cares about him, he has no confidence or awareness of what he’s good at, he can’t control his impulses which keep him from having a job or a social life, […]


Scene is Believing: Superman 2

Very occasionally in cinema there are movie moments that make you want to leap from your seat and high five with God. Obviously these moments are few and far between, but one such moment is surely up there with the best of them. The climax of Superman II. Superman II was a troubled shoot, with […]


Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman Returns

  You have to feel sorry for Ross Webster and Lex Luthor.  Webster, having spent billions building up Webster Corp,  was clever enough (with the aid of an ace computer hacker employee who had been trying to swindle him) to manipulate the weather, try and kill Superman, and build a computer so big and powerful […]


Destroy Superman: What Went Wrong With Superman 4?

When Superman 3 came out in 1983, the world was confused. On the one hand it was a perfectly serviceable Superman film. On the other hand it was a whacky Richard Pryor vehicle. Combine that with the hilariously unfunny slapstick opening sequence and you have a curate’s egg of mammoth proportions. The critics and public alike were […]


The Making of Superman 3

EPK from the time of a film are made are usually 10-15 minutes long and don’t really tell you much anyway. More often than not they are just a quick interview with someone pretending that they are making the best film ever (while lying through their teeth). In other words, they are usually not worth […]


Man of Steel review

Regular readers will know that I like Superman films. I like them a lot. In fact my favourite film is Superman The Movie. In 1987 I went to see Superman IV: The Quest for Peace with my dad. Although it was a rubbish film I came out wanting to fly because that’s what Christopher Reeve […]

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