Alexander Elephant

Scene Is Believing: Alexander

The elephant battle, River Jhelum Towards the end of Oliver Stone’s Alexander, Colin Farrell’s driven Macedonian has pushed his army further than any Greek in the ancient world has ever gone, now clashing with Indian warlords on massive war-elephants. Stone cheats a little with this battle, substituting Alexander’s suicidal leap across the battlements at Multan […]

alexander stone farrell

Gaugamela Nights: The Ballad Of Oliver Stone’s Alexander

  “Fortune favours the bold,” quoth Virgil in the opening titles to Oliver Stone’s epic, Alexander (2004).  It is meant to sum up the the reach of perhaps the greatest overachiever in any world, ancient or modern; conqueror, explorer, king, diplomat, demi-God. And one who fled to the end of the known world to escape the […]

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