Spectre – Review

There is a moment during the opening titles of Spectre that says more than it probably more than it meant to.  We see a topless Bond, sitting down and being helplessly smothered by an octopus – this is quite possibly the most fitting metaphor I can find for what is wrong with Spectre. At its […]

spectre teaser gif 1

Spectre Teaser Breakdown

A teaser does what it says – teases. Don’t expect any major insights, this is a mood piece to whet the appetite of James Bond fans for Spectre, the 24th installment in the series, and Daniel Craig’s fourth “go”. By the looks of things, his entire run is going to be tied up in one […]


What About Bond?

James Bond is sad. Really sad. He seems to spend most of his time these days moping around like a teenager who isn’t allowed to go to the prom. He is so mentally fragile of late that he looks more likely to don a Cure T-Shirt than a tuxedo. It’s a growing concern. Now I don’t […]

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