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Storage Wars: ILM’s Birth In A Warehouse, Far, Far Away

John Dykstra. Denis Muren. Phil Tippett. Richard Edlund. These men, and the young guys and gals who toiled with them, were the corner stone of the modern age of movie effects, from inauspicious beginnings in an empty California warehouse, to the “go to” Skywalker Ranch magic maker of today. It all started with a little […]

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Scene is Believing: Star Wars Return of The Jedi

The Rancor Attack With Return Of The Jedi,  George Lucas wanted to pull out all the stops to finish his saga and give the fans even more of what they loved before. Whilst it could be argued that regurgitating the Death Star attack, albeit with added elements, was repetitive, Jabba’s palace, with even more bizarre […]

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