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Star Wars Redux: Practical Magic

The internet has Star Wars fans in a quandary, with leaked snaps surfacing of grungy costumes and practical, weather beaten sets from the Abu Dhabi location of  Episode VII, and now Han Solo’s ride, The Millenium Falcon, under construction at a secret location. This, combined with the giant practical creature (operated by five internal puppeteers, it’s rumoured), […]

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Scene Is Believing: Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

The Mine chase – Please keep your hands in the car at all times I’m not one for bemoaning the advance of CG effects over practical models and glass matte shots: if an effect is done well, that’s all I care about. However (!) there is something thrilling about the ingenuity behind old school methods; […]

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Jurassic Park: 21 Things To Remember

Jurassic Park is 21 years old this week, and to celebrate, here are 21 facts you should know about this still radical creature feature. All set? Strap in! 1. The Jurassic Park T-Rex skeleton logo was adapted from the original Michael Crichton novel cover designed by Chip Kidd. 2. Director Steven Spielberg learnt about the […]

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