Wish You Were Here – Revisiting Film Locations

You’ve probably seen various blogs comparing stills of famous film locations to how they appear now, mundane without that movie magic glow. Herve Attia has gone one better, creating short videos on his Vimeo channel that not only compare, but have him revisit those locations in person, even inserting himself into the action occuring on those […]

dirty harry 2

Dirty Harry, A Tarnished Tin Star

“Ring-a-ding-ding, Punk. Do you feel lucky?” Imagine a be-macced, laconic Frank Sinatra, wearily uttering those words in a New York minute. He, along with John Wayne, who baulked at the grim violence on the page, was an original choice for the role of detective “Dirty” Harry Callaghan, upholder of justice in a broken system, in the working […]

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